Author: Dan Krause

Test Scores DO Matter

A consistent finding in our Parent Satisfaction and Referral Surveys is the relative unimportance of standardized test score results.  A recent New York Times article noted the

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The Stubbed Toe Effect (Wonky)

On our Parent Satisfaction and Referral Survey, we ask both the importance and effectiveness of various program elements. (Failing to do just this simple step is one of three

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Charter Schools at 25

The Atlantic came out with a retrospective of the charter school movement soon approaching 25 years of history.   While 10% (suburban areas) to 33% (urban areas) of charter

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Obergefell v. Hodges, Part 1

Oh-Oh for vouchers.  I know of at least four ways vouchers can be vigorously challenged constitutionally.  One is so pernicious and apolitical I will not even share

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Vision Driven

GraceWorks is a vision-driven ministry. We are focused on an end result: raising up young men and women who are as good as Daniel, Paul, Moses, and

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