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GraceWorks Ministries – Biblically-integrated, metric-driven, research-based solutions to increase elementary and secondary Christian school revenue. Elementary and Secondary Christian schools are our heroes – and we want to help. As a elementary student, GraceWorks’ President Dan Krause learned that his parochial school teachers earned so little that they needed food stamps to buy groceries. In faith, in 2006 Krause dedicated himself to give back, working exclusively with Christian schools – Christian schools that inexorably changed his life for the better. Increasing Christian School revenues through marketing and fund development was the obvious way to start. In 2006, GraceWorks rolled out the 625-page Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide. Instead of re-writing the guide, Krause is now focused on re-doing all training, writing, and research into highly user-friendly training. Importantly, this includes integrating the practical wisdom of this experience with the combined results of over 750 Parent Satisfaction and Referral Surveys exclusively for Christian Schools. Since 2006, Krause has written an estimated 2,200+ pages on Christian school marketing and fund development. In addition, over 300 hours of training have been recorded, with numerous tools to increase Christian school revenue. Krause has fought for greater revenue for Christian schools all over the country – he has personally traveled to two-thirds of the places mentioned in Johnny Cash’s song – “I get around”. This is in addition to personally debriefing the PSRS an estimated 1200 times. Krause passionately believes that the rock-solid disciples produced by elementary and secondary Christian schools are America’s best, last hope for a very uncertain future. God is raising up a generation of leaders of the caliber of Daniel, Moses, and Paul – young men and women alike. Christian schools are the fertile seed and soil for the Daniel Generation, but there is much to be done. If you are a Christian school who needs more revenue – marketing or fund development – please call Dan personally at (719) 278-9600, ext. 100. Likewise call Dan if you are looking to help Christian schools be all they can be. You can learn more about GraceWorks’ vision for K-12 Christian schools by ordering our free resource: The Profound Case for Christian Education; simply request it by calling us at (719) 278-9600, ext. 200. . As a ministry to the Christian education movement, GraceWorks’ consultants talk free, with no obligation, to 100+ Christian schools every year. You can request a consultation by simply calling (719) 278-9600, ext. 200.
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