The GraceWork Satisfaction Guarantee

If you work with us in good faith, and are not happy with the result, we’ll either make it right, or refund your money, up to 100% of our fees.

Providing quality service is GraceWorks’ highest value. Quality is expressed in three fundamental ways:

  • Best ValueAs a non-profit ministry, GraceWorks fully intends to be the best value in Christian school consulting in America. If you find a better price for similar services of the same quality we’ll match it.
  • Best PracticesWe tell you in advance exactly what will be done. There are no surprises working with GraceWorks. And if you find a better way to do what we do, we’ll add it or change it — at no charge to you.
  • Best ResultsIf you stay engaged with us after a study, we will even guarantee our continuing fee based on your results – the results we will predict in advance.

Managing Risk Through Relationship

In offering a bold money-back guarantee, GraceWorks does assume all the risks in working with our clients.

How can we afford to do so? The answer is simple … GraceWorks manages risk through relationship.

For schools that don’t know us, all the initial steps are free. Some of these include initial consultations, informative lessons, and sample chapters.

If, based on the preliminaries, the school believes a further relationship with GraceWorks might be worthwhile, you can choose a number of high impact interventions for a modest investment.

These interventions include our publications, seminars, fundraising or marketing audits, or coaching. In addition to providing high-impact services, the goal is to deepen relationship and mutual understanding with a school.

Only in the context of an established strong relationship will GraceWorks provide our strongest services, that is, ongoing on-site work, or high-impact services such as Market Studies, Pre-Campaign Studies, or Capital Campaigns.

We firmly believe that managing risk through relationship is the right principle for all Christian work and is how the Kingdom of God advances best.

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