Obergefell v. Hodges, Part 1

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Oh-Oh for vouchers.  I know of at least four ways vouchers can be vigorously challenged constitutionally.  One is so pernicious and apolitical I will not even share it privately.  

Two of the four ways now have to do with making gay marriage a constitutional right.  What if a homosexual couple wants to enroll their child into a Christian school in a voucher state?  It has already happened in a non-voucher state, and Davidson Academy’s turn-down made the Huffington Post

It was pointed out to me by Willie Brownlee in Nova Scotia that years ago, a number of Protestant Christian schools in Nova Scotia closed after a political sea-change eliminated vouchers for these schools in a very short period of time.  I intend to get the details of that for a future post.  

Now we don’t even need a political sea-change (which in itself seems likely). All we need is an unfavorable Supreme Court ruling.  Talk about bigtime risk!  Jim McKenzie told me about a young administrator planning to mortgage heavily to quickly build up a large school with the Florida voucher program.  Danger, Will Robinson, danger!

GraceWorks is working with several voucher clients who are attempting to reduce their voucher exposure, with much more to follow on these pages.

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