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GraceWorks is a vision-driven ministry. We are focused on an end result: raising up young men and women who are as good as Daniel, Paul, Moses, and Esther. The best way we know to do this right now is to partner with Christian schools, helping in every way we can. However, we are open to other ways to raise up Daniels besides working with Christian schools; in fact, we have long-term plans to do so.

As was true of Daniel, Paul, Moses, and Esther we are committed to understanding truth broadly. While all truth is founded on the Bible, we will be actively seeking truth in research and secular sources as well – and integrating it with Biblical truth.

This blog speaks to current and future Daniels, transforming hearts and minds. It will often, but not always, pertain to Christian K-12 schools. It will sometimes be provocative and sometimes contra-cultural to the usual ways evangelical Christians think. Your comments are welcome and will be read carefully. We will not delete comments unless they are clearly abusive or contrary to the advance of the Kingdom of God.

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