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Dan Krause - Founder / President Thank you for blessing our Abide in the Vine conference with your presentations and vendor display. We heard many positive comments about your work and look forward to working together again in the future. Kind Regards, John Brandt More Healthy Schools Testimonials

Marketing Testimonials

Seminars Dan Krause - Founder / President “The most helpful part was learning how to think about finances and marketing in a different, new, and refreshing way. There wasn’t one thing that was not helpful to me. I believe that all Lutheran Schools who have not had the opportunity to hear about these programs should! The way Dan presents the material makes sense! —Janna Kietzman Coaching Dan Krause - Founder / President “Can’t thank you enough for the lift that GraceWorks has given us, and I don’t think we are finished yet. So far our registration for next year is well ahead of where it was at this time last year. We are raising tuition modestly and have budgeted financial aid to help those who need it. We’re doing it in a phased approach, and so far it has been well received. God bless you.” Morry Kemple, Administrator First Coast Christian School Jacksonville, FL More Marketing Coaching Testimonials

Fundraising Testimonials

Visioning / Strategic Planning Ray Webb - Visioning / Strategic Planning Consultant We have been blessed with Ray Webb’s exceptional service to our school. He has wisely led and assisted us with plans to develop a Vision and Prioritization Plan for the school’s future 20 plus years ahead. His biblical guidance, leadership, professionalism and ability to work effectively with a wide range of people is noteworthy. He gets results quickly, that are able to be put into action by others, in an effective and efficient manner. We have been grateful for his service and would gladly welcome the opportunity to work with him again. Patty Roeder, Principal Joe Chine, Director of Growth & Development Riverside Christian School, East Grand Forks, MN More Fundraising - Visioning / Strategic Planning Testimonials

Research Testimonials

Parent Satisfaction and Referral Survey (PSRS) Dan Krause - Founder / President WOW! What a report. I spent a couple of hours last night going through it. I am amazed at how such a simple-questioned survey can give such valuable insight to the school. I will obviously be spending more time with the report. I love the various angles in which you can view the data. This can really help us determine not only what the issues are but also who they affect. Anthony Knight, Principal Covenant Christian School, Loganville, GA More Research Testimonials

What’s Being Said About Marketing Christian Schools

Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide, Volume I, is the most complete and practical tool for marketing I have ever experienced. In my opinion, it is definitely worth the price. Dr. Daniel C. Roth, Schools and General Executive Southern Illinois District, LCMS (ret.) More Praise for Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide, Vol. 1
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