Revenue Revolution

Revenue Revolution is a school-specific, customized program, that analyzes your school finances, increases enrollment (more tuition dollars!), improves core school programs (retains students!), and raises renewable operating funds (ongoing money) using a research — based approach developed from the best practices of exceptional Christian schools across North America. Revenue Revolution can add several hundred thousand dollars of tuition and fund development revenue per year to the average Christian School. An Attitude: An Idea! Money is an idea, an attitude, a worldview — Christian schools are impoverished only if they choose to be so. The Revenue Revolution program is an idea, yes, but much, much, more. If anything, our current recession has taught Christian schools that our constituents are remarkably resilient — if schools are willing to pay the price for program quality. GraceWorks has high quality Christian school partners growing in the most economically impacted areas of the country, including California, Nevada, Florida, and Maryland.

The Battle Plan

Revenue Revolution gives your school the following powerful marketing strategies: A Customized Approach—because each school has a unique culture and approach, GraceWorks tailors its approach to the peculiarities of each school. Four full days of training—onsite at your school – Lifting Off, Soaring Ahead seminar (2 days) o Train your staff and volunteers in advanced marketing strategies Amazing Annual Fund seminar (2 days) o Learn how to raise $40,000 to $150,000 or more annually Train up to 30 staff and volunteers at each seminar, on a volunteer friendly Friday / Saturday schedule. Move your marketing and annual fund programs ahead two years in one weekend. (See sidebar for complete descriptions). Thorough Annual Fund Effort—a volunteer-driven approach to begin or expand your school’s Annual Fund. This program is a broad-based solicitation that yields major gifts, corporate sponsorships, and foundation solicitations. Major Gift Focus—identifying, qualifying, cultivating, asking, closing and thanking. Includes help on how to strategize an effective endowment campaign. Weekly Phone Coaching—60 minutes per week for the entire program schedule, alternating between marketing and annual fund. Your seminar trainer is also your telephone coach. Additional on-site coaching if needed. One of your GraceWorks’ trainers will come back onsite to your school as needed. (Client pays all travel expenses). All GraceWorks published information: Marketing and Fundraising—Includes all Marketing Guides (Volumes 1 & 2 as available, all articles, updates, samples, and upgrades) along with all fundraising related: including major gifts, annual fund, and endowments. All job descriptions. Weekly and Monthly Coaching Memos—as if GraceWorks was your annual fund and marketing director. Ideas of the week, and monthly marketing managers memos. TWO Parent Satisfaction and Referral Surveys (PSRS)—at the beginning and the end of our engagement. The ultimate test of program quality is parental satisfaction. The PSRS is a normed survey device used by over 400 Christian schools and over 100,000 Christian school constituents. (See sidebar for a complete description). Program Quality Improvement—Utilizing PSRS results, both your annual fund and marketing consultants work with you to prioritize and strategize key program improvements. Training Videos Available 24/7—Dozens of hours of volunteer-friendly marketing and fund development videos, available online to your entire marketing and annual fund teams. Robust Word-of-Mouth Marketing—Including Promoter Receptions, monthly Promoter and warm lead mailers, with month by month action steps. Includes a strong focus on retention as well. Online Marketing Ideas—Carefully tied to both word-of-mouth and enrollment closing strategies. Most GraceWorks clients end up with 200+ yearly leads online. Proven Closing help—Tested strategies to generate leads and enrollments. Most clients close 40—50% of all leads (including web imports, inbound calls, walk-ins). Hands-On Help—An additional 4-8 hours per month of consultant time to review marketing and fundraising plans, websites, literature and branding, and importantly, tuition and financial aid.

The GraceWorks Difference

Marketing Christian schools and raising funds in a Christian school are unlike other campaigns because they do not fit the typical business model taught in MBA programs. A Christian school is not a commodity—or at least it should not be treated like one! In the same way, while candy sales and raffles do, indeed, raise money, the sizeable funds needed to significantly impact a school’s operating budget are not raised this way. Traditional marketers use advertising—broad-based, impersonal and expensive. Advertisers attempt to break through the competing “noise” and the real message misses its target. We’ve measured Christian school advertising campaigns and found that they make almost NO difference in Christian school enrollment! Said another way: money spent on most media marketing is wasted. Traditional marketers have no other solutions. GraceWorks Ministries President, Dan Krause, wrote Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide, Vol. 1, (included with eMc 4 US) to maximize schools’ return on investment (ROI). No one has written more on the topic! This step-by-step, 600+ page manual explains how schools can use networked strategies, guerilla marketing techniques and the Internet to achieve superior ROI. GraceWorks adds students to your school year-around. While Fall, Spring and Summer enrollment campaigns are essential, GraceWorks gives you market-tested actions that can add students at any time of the year. Yes, even this week! GraceWorks provides expert coaching unique to your school. After phone interviews and on-site visits, we will know your school, your ministry, your Board members and your leaders. In addition, twice monthly for an entire year, you will meet with your consultant by phone for a one-hour session. This session can be slated for your entire team or just your key leaders. You’ll have immediate feedback, continual expert guidance, and the “next steps” to accelerate your enrollment. As a not-for-profit ministry, GraceWorks fees are reasonable and affordable. Through GraceWorks affiliated consultants, we offer on-going services, too. When your school enrollment exceeds your facility’s capacity, we’ll partner with you on a Capital Campaign! Finally, GraceWorks does more than just increase your enrollment or raise money. We fundamentally improve your school. These improvements create a growth atmosphere that lasts years into the future and provide reasons for donors to continue their support. How do we know it works? We use the Parent Satisfaction and Referral Survey (PSRS) at the beginning and at the end of the contract period. Through the PSRS’s sophisticated statistical analysis, your constituents tell you what you do well, what you need to improve and exactly what programs or items will increase your parent satisfaction scores. No guessing! You will have actionable data that virtually guarantees your school’s improvement. Bottom line: Satisfied parents re-enroll their children, are willing to support your school financially and — no surprise here — are willing to tell others to enroll in your school. (For a complete description of the PSRS, see the sidebar). GraceWorks provides the most comprehensive, most-test, most successful solution to increasing your enrollment and your annual funds while your school improves its program quality. That’s the GraceWorks difference!

Your Revenue Revolution Consultant

Dan Krause, President, GraceWorks Ministries Dan Krause has served non-profit organizations as a leader, fund raiser, and marketer for 30 years. Before founding GraceWorks Ministries in 2000, Dan served mission agencies including New Hope International, The Mustard Seed, and the AD 2000 and Beyond Movement. Between book projects and marketing coaching program development, Dan has written over 1,500 pages on marketing a Christian school. He coaches Christian schools extensively, typically 25-35 hours a week. A warm, friendly, passionate, and occasionally humorous speaker, Dan has spoken at numerous school association meetings (ACSI, NCEA, ELEA, LCMS, NAUMS, Van Lunen, NAD). He typically travels to 25-30 Christian schools per year, conducting on-site seminars. Dan studied research and statistics in the Ph.D. educational program at the University of Colorado, has a cum laude Masters from the School of World Missions, Fuller Seminary (leadership, church growth), and a summa cum laude Bachelor’s degree from Concordia University, Seward, Nebraska (sociology, psychology). Join the Revenue Revolution Now! For a complete Revenue Revolution program description and a free consultation, please contact Cheryl Thompson at 719-278-9600 extension 200.
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