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A Seven-Hour Course on Healthy Christian School

Finance - $199

The introduction to our full Revenue Revolution program that can literally save your school. Seven hours of crucial instruction based on 9 years of experience and research exclusively with Christian Schools. The Financial Bootcamp contains over 100 pages of supporting materials – and our latest financial analysis worksheet. Based on our experience with hundreds of schools, and the survey results of over 520 Christian school surveys (Over 83,000 respondents.) Schools that have adopted these powerful ideas survive and thrive – while so many other struggle along or even close. ***Free: Get the slides - and listen to - the entire first hour of this seven hour training!*** Here’s an hour by hour description: Hour #1: Christian School Financial Fundamentals Disneyland satisfaction ad McDonalds pricing – the collective grey space reasons we are not growing – and five compelling reasons we should. Six essential directions for tuition and financial aid – change or die. Why the #1 metric for financial aid is NOT how much you give away – (or even your enrollment growth, which is the #2) Hour #2: Everything you wanted to know about Financial Aid – and were afraid to ask. Why another Great Recession is in our future – economically, evangelistically, and individually… and why being the low cost leader will not solve the fundamental problems. A road map for dealing with income vicissitudes while lowering the cost to educate a child. Why financial aid doesn’t necessarily be funded, but should be under budgeted. What would Jesus do in awarding financial aid? The critical implementation details for financial aid … dozens of practical pointers. Understanding the metrics of financial aid. Hour #3: Social and Biblical Norms in Financial Aid The difference between the “monetary value” and “social norm” systems in economics, and why it matters for how you do financial aid. Moving both financial aid and tuition pricing to a thoroughly Biblical basis – the only basis that will allow meaningful, long-lasting change. How to use social norms to avoid “scamming the system” while simultaneously insuring that families who need financial aid do apply for it. What a financial aid covenant is – and why you need one. Hour #4: Losing-term Financial Stability for Your School Mission-driven or Vision-Driven: What’s the difference, and which one is MUCH less expensive for your future. The subtle ways the monetary values economic system creeps into your organizational practice – and why you can’t afford it. What a contra revenue account is – and why your board needs one. The surest path to increasing your philanthropic donations year after year. Why pay for it when you can get it for free? Hour #5: Making Drastic and Difficult Financial Changes Why initial reactions and large groups won’t solve the complex financial problems we face. The most foundational and clarifying question to start the change process. Tweaking will not be enough; why values and assumptions must change. How you announce a drastic tuition or financial aid change. How and why every major financial change starts with the Board of Directors Hour #6: Sanity for Denominational and Church-based Schools The metrics you need to understand whether you need to marketing within your own church – or outside of it. Who it makes sense to subsidize – and who should not. Why supporting Christian schools is perhaps the most important long-term play for the health of denominations. Understanding how to use financial aid dollars for the maximum impact. Session #7: Non Tuition Revenues Why a wills emphasis should be in your future. The difference between fundraisers and fundraising. What it takes to get major gifts. Vouchers and Tax Credits: Why all that glitters is not gold, especially for the long-run. Order today to receive the log-in information for all recordings and materials. The entire 7-hour Bootcamp can be shared with any leader (volunteer or staff) at your school … particularly and especially your Board of Directors.
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