Christian School Surveys: More Affordable and Better Than Ever

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We’re big believers in the value of a parent survey. There’s just no better way to gauge parents’ satisfaction and willingness to refer than with a professionally conducted, carefully scored survey.

Over the past 15+ years, we’ve had the honor of helping over 800 schools:

  • Gain clarity on what they’re doing well and what needs to improve,
  • Get an accurate picture of re-enrollment interest and families’ reasons to staying or going,
  • Build teams of marketing and fundraising volunteers,
  • Fill their pipelines with qualified leads of actual prospective families,
  • Develop a list of word-of-mouth promoters (and detractors),
  • Gather loads of priceless testimonials to use in marketing,
  • And so, so much more.

Over the past year, we’ve been working tirelessly to make these essential insights even more valuable and available to more schools.

The Big News

With that in mind, I’m excited to share that effective immediately, GraceWorks is reducing the price of all our Christian School Surveys.

How We Made It More Affordable

With a survey as sophisticated as ours, our main expense is time. So, we doubled down on maximizing internal efficiency. We improved the report creation process and hired a dedicated programmer for several months to streamline our report scoring technology.

The result: Less time for us = lower cost passed on to you. (While actually adding more value to every school. Read on for more about that…)


Standard Survey

Small schools can now get the complete “Standard Survey” report for only $995. This includes the normal three reports PLUS a year-to-year comparison report for clients who have taken the survey in the past. Previously this survey was $1595.

Standard + Splits

For $500 more – $1,495 total – you can get the “Standard + Splits Survey.” This more in-depth analysis includes reports on all of the following:

  1. School as a whole,
  2. Report for each division,
  3. A report specifically for teachers and other staff, and
  4. A point in time comparison report for (1) (2) and (3), and a longitudinal comparison report as well.  

Rather than having a separate survey for teachers and other staff, we think there is tremendous value in comparing teacher/staff scores to scores of parents and the school as a whole. Results can be both unexpected and revealing.

Recently, for example, we ran a report from a school where the teaching staff was much more critical of program elements than the school’s own parents. Considerably more. With this information, the school’s leaders are working to determine what “standards of success” look like for both teachers and parents. 

Advanced Survey

Our popular “Advanced Survey” is now only $1,995. The main difference in the Advanced Survey is the ability to ask custom questions or delete some of ours. Custom questions take a significant amount of time to craft, program, and score at the end. If desired, in addition to the comparison reports described above, an additional comparison of your school to schools of your size can be produced. (Note that the other schools will be anonymous, but you can pick them from our suggestion.)

How We Made (and Continue to Make) It Better

  1. Comparison Reports: As noted above, Advanced Survey takers can now compare their results to other (anonymous) Christian schools of their size. Imagine how helpful it would be to have this extra layer of insight into how well your school is actually performing. This report is very unique to GraceWorks.
  2. Refined Questions and Scoring: GraceWorks continues to refine both the questions and scoring of the report based on our ongoing analysis of over 140,000 Christian school survey respondents. 
  3. Identifying and Correcting for Bias: We recently determined timing bias, and we are working on correcting for other biases as well. One of the most requested is researching any biases related to what grades the children attend. It appears there is a negative bias for parents of high school-aged children. 
  4. Adding and Removing Questions: Beyond refining the way question asked, we’re adding and subtracting questions based on our analysis of 15+ years of responses.

Note that all surveys also include Barna-like questions for Alumni, along with information on accomplishments and college attended. And as always, GraceWorks’ surveys have the strongest norming in the industry, with national norms for parents, teachers, alumni, students, and other constituents.

Want to learn more? Click here or call GraceWorks at (719) 278-9600, ext. 100. 

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