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The Definitive Guide, Vol. 1

…I picked up your Marketing Christian Schools binder in June 2007 at the WELS Leadership Conference in Waukesha, Wisconsin… I read it thoroughly, trying to get my mind wrapped around as much leadership material…we've gone from 52 to 42 to 52 to 72 to 89 students in the last 5 years and next year we'll have right about 100 students in K-8. We're adding staff… we've had to do two construction projects relating to expansion over the past year. …. [T]he local newspaper in a town of 26,000 people did a front-page story on our school. The headline read "Enrollment Boom" and the lead line stated something like,"St. Paul's Lutheran School must not listen to the education conversations around America where most school districts, both public and private, are consolidating and down-sizing." It made me think of some of your emails over the last few years relating to the recession and how it really doesn't have to have a negative effect on our Christian schools. We are a success story on a small scale, but there is beauty in the small schools too…. —Seth Fritzsimmons, St. Paul’s Lutheran, Norfolk, Nebraska In nearly three decades of Christian School Administration, I have never seen anything as “out of the box” useful as Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide, Volume 1. Within days different members of my leadership team were reading various sections and the dialogue they have generated will make a lasting difference in the culture of the school. This is not rocket science, but most educators need to add this level of information to their repertoire in order to compete effectively in today’s market. I recommend this without hesitation. —Ken Van Meter, Superintendent, Milpitas Christian Schools, Milpitas, CA Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide, Volume I, is the most complete and practical tool for marketing I have ever experienced. In my opinion, it is definitely worth the price. —Dr. Daniel C. Roth, Schools and General Executive, Southern Illinois District, LCMS (ret.) Our school had been searching for information over the Internet and in book stores that would give us a comprehensive guide to marketing our Christian School. There is definitely a gap in information relating to this topic. I was very excited when I discovered that your team had created a Marketing Christian Schools Guide. Based on reviewing other materials, this is the most comprehensive and informative guide I have seen. Our school board is currently developing a marketing plan and the materials in this guide have been crucial in accelerating this process. The chapter on "word of mouth referral" has helped focus our school on customer service and providing a quality program. The guide has also provided a strategy that we can use to increase enrollment at our school. Each chapter gives pertinent information to helping build a quality marketing plan. Based on the information in this guide our school has the confidence that the marketing plan that we develop will give tangible results in the areas of improving the quality of our programs and enrollment. Kelvin McLaurin, School Board Member, Bartlett Christian Academy Wow! I am still pouring through and learning from Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide. It is a masterwork. There is great specific detail throughout the work and a clear strategy that, in my view, can be tailored to each school’s unique situation. —Joseph Bitzer, Dean of the Fine and Practical Arts, St. Francis Borgia Regional High School, Washington, MO Our Marketing/PR committee was greatly relieved and very much impressed with Volume I of Marketing Essentials. Relieved to know they wouldn't have to re-invent the wheel on marketing, and impressed with the variety of information and samples available in the resource. They will be using it as a major resource in planning as we work on one of our five major goals from our recent NLSA/NCA accreditation review Don Wischmeyer, Zion Lutheran School, Brighton, CO Great! Super! Bravo! Great work! —John Cattone, School Board Member, Genesee Country Christian School This is good stuff - it encompasses all the recent thinking of building growth by quality services that are perceived as such - and that generate excitement - making the success of the referral systems suggested - soar! — Ken Gibson, CEO and Founder, LearningRx International One of the things I truly appreciate about the Marketing Christian Schools materials is that they seem to be prepared with a busy principal in mind. The materials assume that we have many other items on our plates. The sections are well thought out, are easy to manage, and do not assume that I have a degree in marketing. The materials will be a true blessing to our school! —Bill Busacker, Principal, Grace Lutheran School, Sandy, UT Loaded with sample forms, user-friendly charts and hands-on ideas, Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide, Volume 1 is a great place to start your marketing program. Finally there are tools to guide schools in this task. Thank you, Dan Krause… —Gayle Denny, Executive Director, Evangelical Lutheran Education Association

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In nearly three decades of Christian School Administration, I have never seen anything as “out of the box” useful as Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide, Volume 1. Within days different members of my leadership team were reading various sections and the dialogue they have generated will make a lasting difference in the culture of the school. This is not rocket science, but most educators need to add this level of information to their repertoire in order to compete effectively in today’s market. I recommend this without hesitation. —Ken Van Meter, Superintendent, Milpitas Christian Schools Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide, Volume 1 has already been a tremendous resource. I have been able to use it with my faculty, Board of Education, and as a presenter at our District Teacher's Conference. I look forward to working with our marketing committee now that I have such a wealth of resources at my fingertips. —Bill Meyer, Principal, Christ Lutheran School, Norfolk, NE I'm on my second time through the book. There's such a wealth of information here I hardly know where to start or how to begin. I feel like I've been drinking from a fire hose and I need to come up for some air. However, I knew after the first two chapters that I was going to keep this one and not return it for the refund. Once my green highlighter hit the page - that was it. I was committed to putting into practice as much of this as I could. —Tom Hammonds, Principal, Oroville Christian School, Oroville, CA Thank you so much for the wonderful guide. It is a great resource. Having so many ideas, forms, and samples in one resource makes it a valuable resource. Dan and Bob have done a fabulous job on this guide. —Jan LaRocque, Principal, St. Stephen Lutheran School, Waterford, MI We have had our Marketing Christian Schools Guide for just a few weeks but we are quickly finding this resources will make a significant impact on our marketing efforts. Although we were implementing many of the concepts, I am finding that this resource takes us to a much deeper understanding of how we can maximize our efforts. The chapter on Word of Mouth and Referrals is a great example. We are already working to use as many of the approaches in this chapter as possible. We have been grateful for the positive word of mouth referrals we have had in the past and we are looking forward to seeing the additional enrollment next year due our better understanding gain from these marketing tools. —David Schoen, Superintendent, Eastside Christian Schools, Fullerton, CA I have not completed reading the book you sent but have found the information in your Guide for Christian Schools helpful. As we gear up to do planning for tomorrow and the future I pray this will be a valuable tool for us. Thank you for guidance. —Barb Mertens, School Director, Messiah Lutheran School, Longmont, CO I have been busy "unpacking" some of the helpful things in your "Marketing Christian Schools" guide. We are jumping into the "Word of Mouth Referral" section as a staff. We recognize that just a few more students in each class would make a big difference in the financial stability of our school. Thanks for such an extensive resource. —Jim Chenoweth, Administrator, Three Rivers Christian School, Longview, WA I very much appreciate the hard work Dan and Bob put into Marketing Christian Schools. I have paged through it and see so many opportunities for implementation that it is a bit scary. We have established a Marketing Team for our school and this will become more and more valuable as they proceed. I have also recommended the book on a couple of occasions. Thanks for all you are doing! —Donn Trautner, Principal, First Lutheran Christian School, Hot Springs National Park, AR Although I have been able to read the whole Marketing Christian Schools Guide, I have already found it extremely beneficial, especially in the area of surveys. That is where we are at right now, and your suggestions are being taken to heart. Thank you for this incredible, value-packed resource! —Naomi Warren, Director of Marketing and Admissions, Cascade Christian Schools District Office, Payallup, WA Thank you so much for all your efforts to develop a Marketing guide for Lutheran and Christian schools. We will be using the guide extensively as our district wide Open House dates approach in January. Our schools have the best "product to sell," and need to learn how to bring as many people into our schools as possible. Keep up the great work. —Cathy Marriott, Principal, Pilgrim Lutheran School, Wauwatosa, WI Order Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide, Vol. 1 I find that this is an excellent tool for the principal and board that want to market their Christian school. There is far more material in here than I was even acquainted with as a principal dealing with Grace Works. Dan and Bob really seem to have a handle on what it takes to strengthen or even revitalize a mediocre school. This program and book would be well worth the cost to anyone who really wants to take marketing to the next level. —Jeff Burkee, Principal, Emmaus Lutheran, Denver, CO Thank you for your information in Marketing Christian Schools. I haven't had time to go through the guide as thoroughly as I would like to have at this point in the school year, but I have picked up a few quick ideas that I have put into practice. I appreciate the examples that are given. They are practical and usable for schools of many sizes. So many times I read information and know that our school of under 100 students just can't use what is being suggested. There are ideas that we can easily put into place and some that we can work on as goals. —Sandra Trittin, Our Saviors’ Lutheran School, Crookston, MN I have only begun to digest the information in your Marketing Christian Schools. What I have looked through has already been a tremendous help. We have been trying to get outside the traditional means of Christian School marketing. You know...advertising in a publication just because another local school does. Our parents are the best resources...arming them with more stories to tell will only help us reach more students with an awesome Christian Education. Thanks again! —Timothy M. Rhine, Advancement Director and Elementary Guidance Counselor, Indian Rocks Christian Schools, Largo, FL We have found the marketing guide to be very valuable. I have shared it with our marketing committee which is composed of a few parents who are new to this process. They were pleased with its content. I think that the guide will be a valuable tool for our school as we work toward making our presence know in our community. —Fred Behnke, Principal, St. John's Lutheran School, La Grange, IL I have been reading through the binder since I received it on Friday and I think that it is an excellent resource. What I like best is that you have actually worked through the ideas that you are suggesting to people and you have given samples, where possible. I find that people are often paralyzed when faced with a good idea because they don’t have the creative juices to take it to the next step. You’ve taken at least the first and second step for people with this guide. I’m looking forward to seeing anything else that you have available for Christian schools and their marketing challenges. —Jennifer Feenstra, Principal, Milton Christian School, Milton, Ontario I read the book and just kept shaking my head and repeating the word "wow" a lot. Our group was on the right track about the preliminary marketing steps we were taking, but we didn't even consider doing the marketing research or restructuring the tuition. The book has really changed how we look at marketing. It is even going to affect our strategic plan for the church and school. —Regina Dodero, Christ the King Catholic School, School Board Member, Lombard, IL I have been reading and studying the Guide. There is so much to know and the Guide is helpful. We have few willing volunteers so I am hopeful that those who are willing will be enough to jumpstart our marketing in the right direction. —Kim Lavado, Principal, Risen Christ Lutheran School, Myrtle Beach, SC I've found the guide very helpful and informative. We literally have no budget for advertising but need to increase our numbers. The Guide has helped me to decide where to place our priority concerning time, talent, and effort. The steps are laid out to assist you in setting up a team to support the process. I think it was money well spent. —Martha Rotter, Director, Tiny Tots Preschool, Okarche, OK I am loving the book! I feel especially gratified to know that my "marketing year" begins in December, so I'm ahead of the game reading the book in October. First time in my life I've been early for anything! Thanks for such a great resource. —Karen Hollenbeck, Principal, St. Boniface Catholic School, Fort Smith, AR Although I have not been able to read the whole Marketing Christian Schools Guide, I have already found it extremely beneficial, especially in the area of surveys. Thank you for this incredible value-packed resource! —Naomi Warren, Cascade Christian Schools Puyallup, WA

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As an administrator of a small Christian school, I am finding it difficult to wade into the marketing strategies of today's generations. Increasingly, kids are making decisions to attend our school. (In many family interviews, the parents turn to the students and ask them if they want to give our school a try!) Shouldn't this affect our marketing. In my estimation, Christian schools can no longer rely on marketing to the local church as many pastors are unwilling to promote a Christian school over any other form of education -- secular or private. I am a Christian educator. I never took classes in marketing a Christian school. I have difficulty wading through the available marketing books to find information pertinent to the uniqueness of a non-profit Christian school. Your guide has given new life to our marketing strategies and certainly some suggestions for moving forward. Thank you for your work! —Tim Connor, Administrator, Summit Christian Academy, Clarks Summit, PA The information in Marketing Christian Schools was very helpful and more importantly, practical. I have seen a lot of materials on development that were very good, but theoretical and left you wondering how to implement it. This Guide is accessible and easy to implement, so it was of immediate help. In fact, I saw so many good ideas it is hard to know where to start. —Robin Hom, Superintendent, Chinese Christian Schools, A 2003 National Blue Ribbon School, San Leandro, CA I have to say that I am so excited to have a copy of Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide! We have several of your suggestions already in place, and several others to put into place. This guide is empowering us to connect all the ‘dots’ and fill in any missing ‘dots’ so that we can all see the big picture. We’ve had a long tradition of Catholic education at our schools, but like any other parochial and private school we feel the effects of the increasing number of charter and magnet schools going up. Now, we have to market our schools to counteract to false perception that charter schools can offer the same education as a parochial school, when in fact, they are severely limited in what they can offer children and are often not even accredited. With your guide, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel, we see how we are doing things right and where we need to grow. The very first thing I did was copy the chapter on word of mouth marketing and get it circulating among our staff, boards and key volunteers. We ALL agree on these principles, and now we have a model to follow. Thanks! —Marianne Bischoff, Director of Communications, St. Joseph Catholic Schools, Ogden, UT

Order Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide, Vol. 1

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