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GraceWorks Ministries provides the most complete and well-rounded set of marketing services of any provider in North America: Enrollment Increase Coaching On-site Marketing Seminars Social Marketing Search Engine Optimization Word of Mouth Lead Generation Internet Lead Generation Solid Retention Strategies Financial Aid and Tuition Television / Radio Advertising Paradigm Shifting Enrollment Closing Nationally Normed Parent Satisfaction Survey GraceWorks was the first national organization to comprehensively address the precipitous decline in Christian school enrollment since 2001 by publishing Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide in 2006. This 625-page guide is now used by over 2,000 Christian schools throughout North America. The longest chapter of the book was on Internet marketing — 101 pages. Altogether, GraceWorks consultants have written more than 1500 pages on various topics related to Christian school marketing. In fact, Christian school marketing is a pivotal track in our national conference. Since 2006 alone, GraceWorks has helped several hundred Christian schools increase their enrollment and improve their overall net tuition revenues. For the ‘13/’14 school, fully 70% of GraceWorks’ marketing clients grew in enrollment. Overall, six marketing consultants now serve GraceWorks Christian school clients, including a television advertising specialist (Jill Nash, Advantage Advertising) and social marketing / electronic public relations / Internet marketing specialist Thomas McClintock (NSI Partners), who is backed up by a team of 11, including a Google certified web optimization expert. A key difference between GraceWorks and typical one-dimension providers is comprehensive metrics, from lead generation through retention, including in-depth net tuition revenue analysis. GraceWorks’ Christian school marketing and enrollment increase strategies and tactics are likewise comprehensive and holistic. For example, clients consider our enrollment closing process to be one best aspects of our marketing coaching programs. We walk schools through a refined and Biblical understanding of when automatic discounts are appropriate (rarely) and how to use needs-based financial aid to increase both enrollment and net tuition revenues. We consider retention losses for first year parents carefully, and have developed dozens of research-based strategies and tactics to improve retention for critical transitions, from Preschool to Kindergarten, elementary to middle, and middle to high school. In short, GraceWorks’ Christian school marketing is comprehensive, holistic, cutting-edge yet proven, Biblical yet research-based. We offer a variety of resources for any budget level, including free. Click here for a comparison of our Christian school enrollment marketing programs. You can request free Christian school marketing resources. For a free, no-obligation Christian school marketing consultation, please call (719) 278-9600, ext.200.
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