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Lifting Off, Soaring Ahead

The Lifting Off, Soaring Ahead Seminar The Lifting Off, Soaring Ahead Seminar is a two-day, on-site, comprehensive marketing seminar that accelerates your school’s marketing and enrollment processes using the most successful methods from Christian schools across North America. GraceWorks trains your development leaders and volunteers in the secrets of school improvement, finance, and enrollment marketing so your school can WOW your parents! This is truly a team effort! The seminar is scheduled on your time schedule – when your leaders and volunteers can meet. (Typically, a Friday evening, all- day Saturday). With your consultant, you set the final agenda and craft a modular format to accommodate busy schedules. The Need to Soar! Do you have a calling to lead a Christian school? Congratulations! It is an honor, a privilege, and, at the same time, a challenge! It means you also have a calling to excellence. (1 Corinthians 9:24). The alternative is mediocrity. A. W. Tozer says, mediocrity means that we are “half way between where we used to be and where we ought to be.” Tozer, A. W. Why Be a Mediocre Christian A sermon preached at Avenue Road Alliance Church, Toronto, www.neve-family.com/books/tozer/MediocreChristian.html We cannot afford to stay there! How, then, does one reach for excellence? Only by studying the exemplary. Bennis, Warren G., www.brainquote.com What tethers your school to the ground? Finances? Lack of enrollment? Something you “just can’t seem to put your finger on?” If your school seems stuck, or has simply not arrived where you “ought to be,” the Lifting Off, Soaring Ahead seminar is for you! The Lifting Off, Soaring Ahead Adventure Invite your entire Marketing Team — staff, volunteers, Boards, secretaries — everyone is welcome ... up to 30 people! You can be completely open and honest about the difficulties you face — only your school is present. Prior to the seminar, your school completes the Parent Satisfaction and Referral Survey (PSRS) that Norms your school against all the schools GraceWorks has surveyed Identifies volunteers willing to help market the school Provides authentic testimonials for use marketing Lists what your parents think are your school’s most urgent needs Summarizes ways to improve your parent satisfaction scores With the PSRS, you’ll discover what the survey means for your marketing efforts and how to use the action- oriented data. The LOSA will: Teach you how to create astounding “first impressions” and WOW your parents Train your team — including secretaries —- how to generate more enrollment leads Upgrade your enrollment process, greetings, systems, tours, “meeting the teacher,” and more Train your enrollment specialists how to close more leads using researched, parent-centric sales strategies Teach you how to utilize volunteers for effective, efficient enrollment marketing Mobilize your volunteers — you’ll know who is doing what by when! Review your website’s effectiveness Review your school’s literature and the most effective ways to use it Train you how to use your marketing budget most effectively — no wasted efforts! Articulate your niche — why parents should choose your school over others Show you the most effective Internet marketing strategies Just one session — "Word of Mouth: The Real Deal" — the most effective approach — is worth your entire investment in the seminar. You simply will not hear it anywhere else! Each participant receives all seminar materials — including a 190 page workbook, an Implementation Guide, slideshows and other handouts. Finally, your seminar will cover: The ministry philosophy of tuition setting and financial aid. This one you must get right! The Lifting Off, Soaring Ahead seminar transforms your school and begins your adventure toward all that your ministry can be! The GraceWorks Difference GraceWorks Ministries consults only with Christian schools. In this exclusive role, GraceWorks uses only the most successful strategies, gleaned from nearly 20 years of ministry experience with thriving Christian schools across North America. When the experience of our consultants is tallied, we have over 150 years experience available to you. We’ve learned that Christian schools can grow, even in difficult financial times. Hundreds of them do — even in financially troubled communities. As a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry, we partner with you by keeping our fees reasonable and developing new materials to keep your school growing. GraceWorks uses biblical principles and research-based, break-through methods. This balance gives GraceWorks consultants the spiritual guidance that drives Christian schools, along with the latest thinking from business management leaders. While traditional marketers use advertising – broad-based, impersonal and expensive —– GraceWorks uses custom, personalized, networked solutions that actually work! GraceWorks Ministries President, Dan Krause, wrote Marketing Christian Schools Vol. 1, The Definitive Guide to Marketing Christian Schools to maximize schools’ return on investment (ROI). No one has written more on the topic! This step-by-step, 600+ page manual explains how schools can use networked strategies, guerilla marketing techniques and the Internet to achieve superior ROI. GraceWorks adds students to your school year-around. While Fall, Spring and Summer enrollment campaigns are essential, GraceWorks gives you market-tested blueprints that add students at any time of the year. Yes, even this week! GraceWorks provides expert coaching unique to your school. After phone interviews and on-site visits, we will know your school, your ministry, your Board members and your leaders. In addition, twice monthly for an entire year, you will meet with your consultant by phone for a one-hour session. These sessions can be slated for your entire team or just your key leaders. You’ll have immediate feedback, continual expert guidance, and the “next steps” to accelerate your enrollment. As a not-for-profit ministry, GraceWorks fees are reasonable and affordable. Through GraceWorks affiliated consultants, we offer on-going services, too. When your school enrollment exceeds your facility’s capacity, we’ll partner with you on a Capital Campaign! Finally, GraceWorks does more than just increase your enrollment or raise money. We fundamentally improve your school. These improvements create a growth atmosphere that lasts years into the future and provide reasons for donors to continue their support. Your Lifting Off, Soaring Ahead Consultants Dan Krause, President, GraceWorks Ministries Dan Krause has served non-profit organizations as a leader, fund raiser, and marketer for 30 years. Before founding GraceWorks Ministries in 2000, Dan served mission agencies including New Hope International, The Mustard Seed, and the AD 2000 and Beyond Movement. Between book projects and marketing coaching program development, Dan has written over 1,500 pages on marketing a Christian school. He coaches Christian schools extensively, typically 25-35 hours a week. A warm, friendly, passionate, and occasionally humorous speaker, Dan has spoken at numerous school association meetings (ACSI, NCEA, ELEA, LCMS, NAUMS, Van Lunen, NAD). He typically travels to 25-30 Christian schools per year, conducting on-site seminars. Dan studied research and statistics in the Ph.D. educational program at the University of Colorado, has a cum laude Masters from the School of World Missions, Fuller Seminary (leadership, church growth), and a summa cum laude Bachelor’s degree from Concordia University, Seward, Nebraska (sociology, psychology).

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