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Enrollment Marketing Coaching — Ubiquitously Social (eMc 4 US) is the combination of the most comprehensive, effective, Christian school marketing tools in North America with the power of social media. Ubiquitous — literally, “everywhere;” Social — harnessing the power of modern social media. Imagine: your school - everywhere people use social media — on their computer, tablet, smartphone or smart TV! The program is designed to: Generate increased enrollment leads Generate higher quality enrollment leads Retain current students Increase prospective enrollee campus visits Upgrade the school’s branding and Internet positioning Increase your parents’ satisfaction scores Train and coach your marketing team for a full year And much more!

Why eMc



When parents go shopping for a school, do you know where they shop? If you answered “social media,” or “online,” you are right! Just like e-mail is essential for the 21 st Century Christian school, social media is here to stay. Schools that properly harness its power will reach more parents and increase their enrollment. Some of us might think, “That Twitter-thing and Facebook — aren’t those just noisemakers? A distraction from real relationships? A conduit for mindlessness?” Certainly! Some of the traffic through these channels fits those descriptions. The business numbers tell a different story, however. Nearly half of shoppers (46%) count on social media before they make a purchase decision and half said they relied on social media when they made a purchase. Nearly three-fourths of buyers are more likely to purchase from a business with which they are connected. (Small Business Guide to Social Media Mastery, www.constantcontact.com. Posted October 16, 2013) The implications are clear: schools that take the social media lead will have an advantage over those who don’t use it or fail to use it well. Are there other marketing tools that can be used as well? Definitely!



US Features

eMc 4 US begins with the Parent Satisfaction and Referral Survey (PSRS). This comprehensive assessment norms your school against all other schools we’ve surveyed in North America. It gives you authentic testimonials you can use in marketing and identifies volunteers who are willing to help you market the school. Some of them are likely to be social media savvy and willing to share your school’s features with others. In addition, eMc 4 US includes two, day-and-a-half onsite training seminars. These seminars include the Lifting Off – Soaring Ahead Seminar and On-site Training for Social Media.

Lifting Off – Soaring Ahead:

On-site training for your entire marketing team – typically, 20 to 30 key staff and volunteers Financial review – calibration for industry best practices Literature review – your on-target, unique message Marketing job descriptions – and who will do what by when!

On-site Training for Social Media:

What You Currently Say What You Want To Say How to Say It! Online strategy plan Project Management Plan Metrics and Analytics The eMc 4 US also includes over 30 hours of on-line recorded content, live webinars, and establishes or enhances your social media presence with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest. You’ll have a branded, new landing page for your school that entices viewers to explore your website. The program also includes a one-time Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to achieve higher ranking in online searches. There’s more, too. For a complete description of the eMc 4 US program, request the program description (see below).

The GraceWorks Difference

Marketing Christian schools is unlike any other marketing task because it does not fit the typical business model taught in MBA programs. A Christian school is not a commodity – or at least it should not be treated like one! For example, did you know that radio and newspaper advertising makes almost NO difference in Christian school enrollment? We’ve measured it! Said another way: money spent on most media advertising is wasted. GraceWorks Ministries President Dan Krause wrote Marketing Christian Schools Vol. 1, The Definitive Guide to Marketing Christian Schools (included with eMc 4 US) to maximize schools’ return on investment (ROI). No one has written more on the topic! This step-by-step, 600+ page manual explains how schools can use guerilla marketing techniques and the Internet (the book’s most comprehensive chapter) to achieve superior ROI. GraceWorks provides expert coaching unique to your school. Twice per month for an entire year, you meet with your consultant by phone for a one-hour session. This session can be slated for your entire team or just your key leaders. You’ll have immediate feedback, continual expert guidance and the “next steps” to accelerate your enrollment. GraceWorks adds students to your school year-around. While Fall, Spring and Summer enrollment campaigns are essential, GraceWorks gives you market-tested actions that can add students at any time of the year. Yes, even this week! Finally, GraceWorks does more than just increase your enrollment. We fundamentally improve your school. How do we know it works? We use the Parent Satisfaction and Referral Survey (PSRS) at the beginning and the end of the contract period. Using sophisticated statistical analysis, your constituents tell you what you do well, what you need to improve and exactly what programs or items will increase your parent satisfaction scores. No guessing! You will have actionable data that virtually guarantees your school’s improvement. Bottom line: Satisfied parents re-enroll their children, are willing to accept tuition increases and — no surprise here — are willing to tell others to enroll in your school.

Your eMc


US Consultants

Dan Krause, President, GraceWorks Ministries Dan Krause has served non-profit organizations as a leader, fund raiser, and marketer for 30 years. Before founding GraceWorks Ministries in 2000, Dan served mission agencies including New Hope International, The Mustard Seed, and the AD 2000 and Beyond Movement. Between book projects and marketing coaching program development, Dan has written over 1,500 pages on marketing a Christian school. He coaches Christian schools extensively, typically 25-35 hours a week. A warm, friendly, passionate, and occasionally humorous speaker, Dan has spoken at numerous school association meetings (ACSI, NCEA, ELEA, LCMS, NAUMS, Van Lunen, NAD). He typically travels to 25-30 Christian schools per year, conducting on-site seminars. Dan studied research and statistics in the Ph.D. educational program at the University of Colorado, has a cum laude Masters from the School of World Missions, Fuller Seminary (leadership, church growth), and a summa cum laude Bachelor’s degree from Concordia University, Seward, Nebraska (sociology, psychology). Thomas B. McClintock, NSI Partner Tom McClintock is a founder of NSI Partners, an e-commerce consulting firm that includes nearly 100 clients such as The Hain Celestial Group and the American Chemistry Council. Large corporate clients and fast growth, however, have not diverted NSI Partners from its primary mission: leveraging technology to bolster the marketing and revenue streams of for-profit and non-profit organizations of all sizes. Prior to founding NSI, Tom was Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of NC, Inc., a $22 million dollar wireless and web content company. There, he built a sales department that surpassed all monthly goals and won clients such as Sprint, CBS, Cox Communications, and Accenture. He helped raise four rounds of financing and managed relationships with venture capitalists and the Board of Directors. He also developed corporate infrastructure to leverage the firm’s three dozen professionals, negotiated relationships with technology partners, directed the launch of eight delivery channel products and designed and executed multi-million dollar marketing campaigns resulting in worldwide coverage across television, radio, print and web media. As a Partner and Co-Founder of The Farragut Group, Tom generated investment capital to market ecommerce concepts for which he provided business development, marketing and product-launch expertise. Prior to The Farragut Group, he was Senior Consultant and Director of Marketing and Operations for PeerScape® at Deloitte & Touche, LLP, where he launched high-technology products in the financial services and telecommunications industries. Tom holds a Bachelor of Arts degree cum laude with Distinction in Government as well as Russian and Soviet Studies from Colby College, holds a Certificate from the Center for Intensive Language Study in Yaroslavl, Russia and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Pi Sigma Alpha honor societies. He volunteers his time to launch ministry websites and has served a number of inner-city non-profits in Colorado Springs, New York City and Washington, D.C. For a more complete biography for your consultants, please request the eMc 4 US Program Description, in the top left corner of this page.

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The eMc 4 US Program is the most comprehensive, systematic enrollment marketing program for Christian schools in North America. To stay on the leading edge of enrollment, Christian schools must utilize the best marketing tools available – to do less may jeopardize a Christian school’s mission. Even if a school’s current enrollment is stable, a school is in danger due to rising costs. For less than the cost of a few students’ tuition, the eMc 4 US institutes a sustainable enrollment marketing system that actually reaches qualified potential students and their parents while it fundamentally improves your school. There is no “optimum” time to start – your school can start any time. The sooner you start the program, the sooner your school can see enrollments increase! The next step is to obtain a complete program description and set up a free consultation with your team and your GraceWorks consultant. To receive a complete program description, please call (719) 278-9600 extension 200.
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