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Hands on marketing help where it counts. Thorough volunteer training and coordination. Enrollment closing software system specifically for Christian schools. Welcome to GraceWorks' Enrollment Marketing Coaching (eMc 2 ), an affordable blend of expert assistance with state- of-the-art wisdom to increase your enrollment. eMc 2 includes all the training and marketing management of GraceWorks' Enrollment Marketing Coaching program PLUS individual coaching contextualized to your school: Marketing plan review and development, Marketing budget and financial review of your school, Complete review of your literature by a branding expert, Marketing hotline for instant answers to your marketing questions, An Enrollment closing software system tailored to Christian schools, and Individual coaching consultations with you, your board, and/or your marketing taskforce. Compare our Enrollment Marketing Coaching programs here.

In-Depth: Enrollment Marketing Coaching (eMc



eMc 2 adds the vital component of individual marketing coaching in key, high leverage situations: A solid marketing plan, winsome, well-branded literature, and finances that actually work. A Solid Marketing Plan — Up to five hours individual consultation to review and formulate effective strategies Individual Coaching Calls - Twice a month for a year, including help with the enrollment closing software system, tuition structures, and marketing calendar implementation. Call for immediate answers to pressing marketing issues and questions, as well. Effective Literature - thoroughly reviewed, in writing, by one of GraceWorks' branding experts, Rev. Ed. Black, or Ed Rice. In addition, eMc 2 includes a enrollment closing software system to help you enroll more new parents (by working with them proactively.) An internet-based solution, our system is available to your entire closing team, and works with all computer platforms. eMc 2 also includes everything GraceWorks offers in the Enrollment Marketing Coaching (eMc) program, including: Parent Satisfaction and Referral Survey (PSRS) - Based on survey research with over 48,000 Christian school constituents, GraceWorks has normed parental satisfaction and willingness to refer throughout North America. The internet-based PSRS takes only 4-6 weeks to: Identify both Promoters - those making referrals - and Detractors. Percentile rank your satisfaction and willingness to refer, both for the school as a whole, as well as subgroups, such as parent satisfaction by grade, Detail parental comments of praise, concerns, and suggestions for improvement, Provide actual leads of new parent families from your Promoters, and Identifies 2+ dozen volunteers willing to help with your marketing Leverage: Your highest priority programmatic improvements Delight me, Disgust me, Frill me, Annoy Me - what parents really think, by the numbers. WOW! What a report. I spent a couple of hours last night going through it. I am amazed at how such a simple-questioned survey can give such valuable insight to the school. I will obviously be spending more time with the report. I love the various angles in which you can view the data. This can really help us determine not only what the issues are but also who they affect. Anthony Knight, Principal Covenant Christian School, Loganville, GA Internet-Based Marketing Manager - month by month, a detailed description of what you need to do, in an online project manager perfect for teams. Take the coordination monkey off your back. All volunteers are working from the same internet-based "to-do list," updated in real time. If a volunteer is on the internet, they are on - regardless of operating system. Monthly Manager Marketing Memo - A concise overview of marketing priorities month by month by the authors of the Marketing Christian Schools Guide. Includes insights and conclusions from 30+ consultations a month with individual schools, along with our ongoing parental satisfaction research. Periodic Ideas of the Week - timely marketing insight delivered to your inbox, designed for busy people who "don't have time to study marketing." Monthly Promoters and Warm Leads Mailer - Sixty percent (60%) or more of new parent leads come from word of mouth referral. The Promoters mailing adds fuel to the fire, helping Promoters identify more situations appropriate to make a referral, as well as keeping your school "top of mind.". We start you with almost a year's worth of mailers, and send you new ones periodically. The same mailing, with a different cover letter, keeps your school's name in front of your warm leads, typically fertile ground to increase enrollment during the summer and at mid-year. Literature and Other Marketing Samples - Electronic versions of samples from the Marketing Christian School Guides, updated monthly. Includes all the samples from Volume 1 of the Marketing Christian Schools Guide, as well as Volume 2 now under development. Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide - Includes either Volume 1 of the Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide, for clients who do not already have it, or Volume 2 chapters as developed. Over 1,500 schools presently use this Guide. Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide, Volume I, is the most complete and practical tool for marketing I have ever experienced. In my opinion, it is definitely worth the price. Dr. Daniel C. Roth, Schools and General Executive Southern Illinois District, LCMS (ret.) Also included: the Team Upgrade to the guide, which gives you copyright permission to reproduce up to 15 copies of either Volume 1 or 2 for your marketing team. Ongoing Live Consultation - Ten sessions with one of the authors of the Marketing Christian Schools Guide - just your school. Real help for the real problems you face. Dan is a delightful man with a tremendous amount of information -- actually good information. Most of all he is a bold follower of Christ, which is always an inspiration. Tim Murray, Board Director Loyola Christian School, Mankato, Minnesota Recorded Training - dozens of both long (30 - 60 minute) and short (10-minute) marketing training topics available 24/7 to accommodate the busiest of schedules. 12 new hours of content coming in September. Both marketing and fundraising. Request more information about Christian school marketing training topics.

Ten Key Reasons to Say "Yes"

1. Satisfaction survey of all constituents, identifying who makes referrals to your school, and comparing your constituent's satisfaction to national norms. 2. Through the Parent Satisfaction and Referral Survey, identification of Promoters who are actively making referrals to your school — so you can work with them proactively. 3. Identification of skilled volunteers willing to work at marketing your school. 4. Written review of your parent literature, marketing plan, and marketing budget. 5. In-depth web-based live training, as much as you or volunteers want, typically 5 new sessions a month. 6. Dozens of hours of recorded training, downloadable and available 24/7. 7. Monthly marketing manager tip sheet — each month's priorities detailed. 8. Monthly mailer to warm leads and Promoters — which in itself pays for eMc 2 . 9. Internet-based marketing manager with all marketing steps pre-planned month by month. Exclusively for your school. If your volunteers have an Internet connection, they're on! 10. Ten Days of Thunder — A fast-track start for you, your staff, and your volunteers. A foundational overview of GraceWorks' Enrollment Marketing Coaching keys to getting started. This will complement the written step-by-step start-up materials and tasks you will receive in our Welcome Packet by regular mail. All research-based. Focused on the strategies that actually work: word of mouth, Internet, and churches. With current economic conditions, now, more than ever, Christian schools must market.

Empowering the Foundation for Success: Teamwork

Everything about eMc 2 coaching is set up for your entire team. All training is recorded live on a volunteer- friendly schedule. Plus, all recorded training can also be viewed on-demand 24/7. eMc 2 coaching incorporates the month-by-month action steps recommended in Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide into a powerful internet-based project management software, which includes file management, white board and project-based messaging. Everything is completely customizable by you. Your schools' entire marketing plan is readily available to any volunteer or staff person with an internet connection and GraceWorks' senior consultants — and no one else. Each month's activities include all the relevant samples from the Guide, along with new samples GraceWorks is continually developing. Plus, each month, you and your volunteers receive our Marketing Manager Tip Sheet, where GraceWorks functions as your Marketing Manager — encouraging you with what to do and how to do it. All consistent with what you are seeing in the project management software. In short, we tell you exactly what you need to know, exactly what you need to do, at a price that will shock you. All GraceWorks' services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. For many Christian schools, eMc 2 Coaching will be enough to manage your entire marketing effort — and that is our goal. A research and experience-based approach, GraceWorks' aggressive pricing reflects our goal to broadly grow this program. Like the Marketing Christian Schools Guide, the eMc 2 Coaching will become the conduit of information about what is, and is not, working in Christian school marketing throughout America, based on the actual results of hundreds of Christian schools just like yours. Request more information about eMc 2 program by calling (719) 278-9600, ext. 200 for a free, no- obligation consultation.
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