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GraceWorks' consultants have over a century of combined leading-edge experience to help develop your Christian school to excellence. Our expertise can help you: Increase your enrollment 10% and more Increase Christian school fundraising and development results Start a Christian school Improve school finance Obtain a complete fundraising feasibility study that focuses on raising up leaders, donors, volunteers, and enrolling families, and/or Acquire the capital you need to expand, in Biblical capital campaign.

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Dear Co-laborer for Christ, In the spring of 2000, I started a ministry to serve Christian schools. A not-for-profit from the beginning, GraceWorks Ministries provides affordable growth solutions, focusing largely on the revenue-side of your important work. Other non-profits, such as the Association of Christian Schools International, do a fine job in helping schools with curriculum, program, and administrative issues. Yet there is not a single not-for-profit ministry to help Christian schools generate the revenues they need — both in fund-raising and marketing. To be clear, there is ample fundraising and marketing help to be bought from the for-profit companies. However, the price of these services is totally out of reach for the average Christian school. GraceWorks fills that gap. Now you can afford to have professional help for your annual or capital fund-raising efforts. Now you can afford to have professional help in increasing your enrollment, and having the type of students that fit the vision and mission of your school — at a tuition rate that makes sense for your school. I went into fundraising in 1988 to help Christian ministries accomplish the vision God gave them. To this day, I see far too many God -nspired visions unfulfilled because of a lack of funds. Don't let it be said of your Christian school! GraceWorks Ministries offers some select non-revenue solutions, such as planning and Board renewal, because this too will dramatically impact the health and excellence of your school. Why do all this? I join many others who believe that the millennial generation, born 1982 to now, will become the next "greatest generation." Many outstanding Christian leaders, both for the church and for all society, will be born in Christian schools just like yours. Just like Daniel in the Bible, let's give them everything we can! If you have a Godly vision for excellence, but the lack the funds to accomplish it, let's talk! GraceWorks' toll-free number is 1-877-9-FOR-R-KIDS. May God richly bless your work in preparing the next great generation of outstanding Christian leaders! Growing Healthy Christian Schools — with Grace, Dan Krause, MA President GraceWorks Ministries May God richly bless your work in preparing the next great generation of outstanding Christian leaders!
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