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Visioning / Strategic Planning

The Visioneering Seminar is a two-day session where you describe the Lord’s vision for your school in detail. Your consultant will pray with you, listen intently and act as a scribe to clearly and articulately write down all of the vivid details God has revealed through you. At the end of the seminar, you’ll have a clear articulation or re- articulation of your school’s Purpose, Mission and Core Values. With your consultant’s guidance, you’ll detail every component of the vision — from enrollment to staffing to school growth, strategic planning, land acquisition and even BHAGS — Big, Hairy, Audacious, Goals. You’ll come away refreshed, with a concise statement of your vision that compels others to join the vision! Take this powerful vision to the Prioritization Seminar and enlist other leader’s help with your vision.

The Prioritization Seminar

The Prioritization Seminar and transfers ownership of your vision to passionate leaders who will help you accomplish the mission. Using the plan developed from your Visioneering Seminar, your vision is marinated into the organization. Your consultant engages your opinion leaders in the development of a strategic plan. GraceWorks’ Biblically- based but innovative proprietary process transfers the elements of the vision to your stakeholders. In one afternoon and evening, key leaders will be given the opportunity to define, discuss, and accept ownership of every element of the vision. Each element will be prioritized and phased by the leadership team based upon anticipated costs and potential impact. The result is a proactive, implementable phased strategic plan that has been embraced by all. “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.” (ESV)

The Need for Visioneering

“Why does it seem that our school is stuck in third gear? Our caravan is definitely moving, but I’m not sure all of us are on the same road. It seems that some drivers in our caravan want to make their own roads! And why is it that we seem to have to ‘start over’ every year?” The answer is probably in visioneering. It is not the same as “vision.” (A pioneer is not the same as pioneering — but they are related!) A clearly articulated vision is crucial for success. However, if your entire team does not buy-in to the vision, its priorities, its implementation strategies and its rewards, the vision is nothing more than words on paper. Think of it this way: your team decides to climb a mountain peak. You all agree that it is a great idea and everyone is physically and mentally prepared. Everyone packs what they each think is the ideal backpack full of supplies. Climbing day arrives. Your team is present — except for the three people on Team 2. A quick cellphone call reveals that they have been waiting for you for over an hour — at the base of a different mountain. You and your other teams decide to ascend without Team 2. Halfway up, the weather changes. Two of your team members forgot their parkas and must turn back. Team 3 — the ones without the map and without a trail guide — takes their own trail that leads around the mountain — an extra 5 miles. At best — a delay; at worst — a disaster in the making. Sound familiar? For everyone to summit the peak together, it takes agreement on the same peak (vision), at the same time (priorities), with the same preparation (training), with the same map (strategy). It is leadership’s responsibility to craft the vision, set the priorities, provision the team, and guide the process. Now, imagine a scenario where every team member has the same goal, the same backpack of supplies, the same map and an ever-present, experienced trail guide. How fast could the team — the entire team — reach the summit? GraceWorks calls this Visioneering.

Visioneering Seminar Features

When you complete your Visioneering Seminar, you’ll have: A clear articulation of your school’s Purpose, Mission, and Core Values Direction on every aspect of your school’s vision — from enrollment to parental involvement, organizational growth, staffing, architecture, and more A vision statement that pictures your “ultimate school” A vision of the school’s future impact in the community and beyond A concise statement of your school’s BHAGS — Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals Specific plans to avoid obstacles that might derail your vision The life-giving elements that will enhance your marketing With these strategic elements, you’ll be ready to share the vision and build a leadership team!

Prioritization Seminar Features

Using the vision from your Visioneering Seminar, your leadership team, guided by your consultant , will Transfer ownership of the vision to the leadership team Identify Phases for your school plan Analyze your clearly articulated vision statement and vision elements Assess the costs and impact of your vision elements Prioritize and phase the vision elements Expand the vision into the organization Document your long-term phased strategic plan Identify your Project Administrator Develop an implementation plan Set a follow-up plan to ensure project is on track

Your Visioneering Consultant

Ray Webb, President of Vision Planning

Ray helps pastors, principals, and other ministry leaders discover God’s purposes and future for their ministries. Dozens of Christian leaders have described their time with Ray as one of the most important investments of time they have ever spent. Every church that has engaged Ray for Vision Planning has grown – some have doubled in size. In addition, the capital campaigns that often begin after Visioneering and Prioritization typically raise two to four times the amount of the annual budget, which compares to industry averages of 1.5 to 2 times annual budget. As a professional musician during his formative years, Ray Webb received notoriety as a classical musician with the San Francisco Symphony, the San Francisco Ballet and the San Francisco Opera Orchestra. As a jazz musician, he could be heard on KCBS radio every Friday night. Ray was called into fulltime ministry in the early 1990s and has never turned back, serving local congregations, denominational bodies, ministry associations and support ministries worldwide. Ray is also the President of ImpactKidz, which is working ultimate the goal of turning one million orphans into world leaders through Christian education. To date, he has established 19 schools overseas. Ray is the author of more than 1,200 pages of materials aimed at fulfilling the Great Commission during our lifetime through increasing the effectiveness of every evangelical ministry expression within the Body of Christ.

Cast the Vision

Start visioneering now by ordering the Visioneering and Prioritization Program Description and a free, no obligation consultation. Call (719) 278-9600 extension 200.
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