The mission of GraceWorks Ministries is to raise up the next generation of Godly Christian leaders by helping Christian schools become all that God has called them to be.Integrity is the foundation of everything we do. Therefore, we protect the privacy of our on-line visitors. No information you share, on-line or otherwise, with GraceWorks Ministries will ever be shared with another third party — ever in any way. We do not allow our mailing or email lists to be rented or used by third parties.

Email This Page to a Friend

We do not collect any email addresses from “Email This Page to a Friend.” This information is used only one-time to send a link, and immediately deleted. GraceWorks does track how often this feature is used or what pages are sent.

Parental Satisfaction Survey Confidentiality

Because of its significant importance of parent satisfaction survey research, GraceWorks will never collect parental contact information of any kind on its ongoing parental satisfaction surveys. This is our firm policy — no exceptions — regardless of the wishes of any particular school.Anyone taking the Parent Satisfaction and Referral Survey can remain completely confidential by simply indicating that their responses are confidential. In this case, token numbers are NOT reported back to the school, accept to indicate who has and has not taken the survey.

Parental Confidentiality in Other GraceWorks Research

For marketing, pre-campaign studies, and all GraceWorks’ parental research, all schools must give GraceWorks Ministries written permission to collect any parental information. Upon the completion of research, this information is removed from all computers, and stored in locked archival files for both the benefit of the client, as well as possible meta or longitudinal research later. Parent contact information is never shared with anyone in any way.In addition, in conducting parental and other research, GraceWorks assumes by default that all information collected from parents is confidential unless parents themselves proactively give us permission to share their concern specifically with their school. For electronic surveys, confidentiality is the default answer, and is assumed if parents do not answer the confidentiality question.

Permission-Based Communication

As a matter of Christian stewardship, our goal is to never contact people by email, regular mail, phone call, visit or otherwise if they do not wish it. To the greatest extent possible, we intend to acquire new clients through word of mouth — or word of mouse — referrals.

Information Collection Procedures

The purpose of collecting information about you or your school is to help you serve your Christian school better, as well as to help Christian schools in general. It is our policy and practice to only collect information that is essential to helping Christian schools.The amount of information GraceWorks collects about you is directly proportional to the depth of relationship we have with you.Consistent with what we recommend to all clients, GraceWorks will only send you emails if you have invited us to do so by expressing interest or need in an area that directly relates to GraceWorks’ mission and work.

Client Confidentiality

In both client training and publications, GraceWorks uses the case study approach pioneered by Harvard Business School. However in so doing, your situation will never be shared in a way that can be traced back to your school specifically.With that one exception, all other client information remains confidential to the same degree you require of your own employees and board members.

Removal From Further Communication

It is the policy of GraceWorks to immediately remove from further communication anyone who requests the same. To be removed, simply reply to any email communication with “remove” in the subject line.


At the present time, GraceWorks’ website does not place cookies on your computer. It is our goal to avoid doing this into the future, unless it becomes clear that using cookies will significantly enhance our ability to serve our clients. Should that happen, this confidentiality statement will be updated to disclose that.In general, websites use cookies to provide context-sensitive information to users — providing you information about topics you have expressed an interest in the past. To accomplish this goal in the same way without cookies, GraceWorks uses a simple yet robust navigation system, along with a solid search capability. In addition, we provide numerous ways for schools to receive free information directly related to their specific needs.

Credit Card Information

At the present time, GraceWorks uses PayPal for all electronic transactions. PayPal is widely recognized as the leading payment processor in the world. Only PayPal sees your credit card information; GraceWorks does not collect or maintain any credit card information. If orders are phoned in, these are immediately entered into GraceWorks’ PayPal shopping cart.


All information in this website is copyrighted by GraceWorks Ministries, Executive Suites, The St. James Building, 4615 Northpark Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, (719)278-9600. As long as the material is properly credited back to GraceWorks Ministries, non-profit Christian schools are hereby granted permission to print, copy or reproduce this material for all purposes related to the mission of GraceWorks Ministries — namely, producing healthy, thriving Christian schools.

Contacting the Web Site

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this website, you can, or simply call (719)278-9600.

Hyperlinks Outside of GraceWorks’ Site

This privacy policy only applies to websites owned or operated by GraceWorks Ministries. Our pages may contain links to sites outside our control. Please be aware that these sites may collect information about you and operate according to their own privacy practices which may differ from GraceWorks’ Privacy Policy.

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