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Real Philanthropy - Fund Development

GraceWorks Ministries trains your school staff and conducts fund development campaigns for on-going Annual Funds, Major Gifts and successful Capital Campaigns. Using biblical principles and an advanced research-based approach, a GraceWorks’ campaign not only secures the donations your school needs, but fundamentally improves your school’s program excellence. It is important to distinguish between fundraising and fund development. Fundraising and fundraising events typically sell something. Fund development, by contrast is simply asking for the money. Fundraisers and events are volunteer time-intensive, but typically do not require special skills or training. Fund development requires some time, to be sure, but it is much less time intensive than fundraisers. It does require special knowledge and skills. You must ask the right people for the right amount, for the right purpose at the right time. For example, practically every Christian school needs a major gift program. Unless they have a trained development professional on staff or on the Board (both are good ideas), who knows how to ask for major gifts in the right way, they are unlikely to enjoy significant success. (If you have trained development professionals, we’ll work with them to maximize your efforts!). GraceWorks can help you improve your fund development success in several ways: Major Gifts Seminars — GraceWorks' President Dan Krause has raised in excess of $23 million in a two decade fund development career, including 15 capital campaigns. Krause will train your entire team in the many details necessary for success from developing relationships, to cultivating, asking, and closing. For schools considering a capital campaign, the Major Gifts Seminar includes an in-depth discussion of how to manage transitions between special project fundraising and capital campaigns, as well as the important strategic considerations of planning successive capital campaigns. You can request a free, 10-page summary of effective major gift principles or a sample major gift proposal by calling (719) 278-9600. Ext. 200. Or request GraceWorks' 65-page monograph on Effective Major Gift Work via email. Annual Fund / Major Gift Coaching — GraceWorks provides ongoing structured coaching, both on-site and by telephone, to help you achieve your annual fund or special project goals. The goal is to train and mentor your development personnel in the same fund development techniques and principles used by college and universities around the country. To receive an Annual Fund Program description and a free consultation, please email us, or call (719) 278-9600. Ext. 200.
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