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Your Values are Our Values

GraceWorks Ministries, operating as a non- profit, shares the same values of the Christian non-profit schools we serve — hard work, frugality, ingenuity, creativity, passion, purpose, accountability, integrity, and the Biblical foundation essential for success. Through strategic partnerships, research and investigation of proven methodology and technology from other industries, GraceWorks is continually adding creative strategies to add value for our clients. All GraceWorks' work is customized to your situation. We take the time upfront to understand your hopes and dreams, and your current situation. To learn more about GraceWorks' holistic, hands-on approach to helping Christian schools become excellent, call: 1(877)-9-FOR-R-KIDS (1-877-936-7754) to schedule a free, no obligation consultation. FREE: Mission, Vision, and Values — Yours and Ours...Do We Match? Request more information by simply emailing us.

GraceWorks' Core Values

The core values of GraceWorks start with our core Bible verse, Ephesians 2:10: For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. In the context of Ephesians 2:8,9, it is not just that salvation is a work of grace — everything we do in obedience to God, within the Kingdom of God, is a grace work. So our name GraceWorks, literally means, God’s works of grace. In fact, one translation of God’s workmanship is “God’s masterpiece.” We are God’s masterpiece! I really believe that God the Father views us that way because of Christ’s redeeming work. GraceWorks core values, then, are centered around God as revealed in Christ. In short, GOD IN CHRIST.

Centered In God

Gathering of leaders to bring restoration in an end-times world (Matt. 24:13) Obedient to God’s call and leading (John 14:5, Daniel 1:20) by whole-heartedly seeking out the Deep riches of God - His wisdom, His knowledge and His counsel (Romans 11:33-36)

Done God’s Way

Integrity — Accomplishing His work in righteousness, with excellence (Ephesians 5:1-21, Colossians 3:23) Neighborly — A relational ministry, minimizing risk by working with long-term clients who respect and trust us (John 15:15).

As Lived out in Jesus

Creative — following Christ as He Himself makes all things new (Rev. 21:5, Eph. 2:10) Holistic — meeting the whole need of those God calls us to serve (Luke 4:18, 19) Real Relationships- authentic, genuine, honest, forthright; true to the needs and realities of our times (John 4:1-42) Idea-driven — transforming minds to wholly serve God (Matthew 22:36, 37, Romans 12:1,2) Servanthood and Suffering — servanthood and suffering embraced to accomplish great things in the Kingdom of God (Matthew 23:11, Is. 53) Teaching and Transforming — to instill, deeply and widely, to a new generation of leaders, everything God is making new. Organizations age because the “why” becomes fuzzy or lost. Why do we do what we do? Part of the fuzziness is when the administrator, Board, or other leaders disagree on the essential core values of the Christian school. Conflict results, or we go to "lowest common denominator" actions that miss God's riches. Conflict results when new leaders come to realize, after several months on the job, that their personal core values are much different than the core values of the school they serve. This can be avoided if the school takes the time to discover its core values. (The new leader must also know his or her core values.) Then both the school and the new leader can readily assess to what extent they “match.” In considering whether your Christian school should partner with GraceWorks, it is critical that we understand our respective core values, to see if we can advance you in your core values, via the core values we embrace. To be specific: 1. God has called GraceWorks to be non-traditional; innovative, new and creative. Most of what we recommend will in fact, be new to you. Expect change if you partner with us. If you don’t want to change, save your money and don’t work with us. 2. We aren’t bandage providers, either. We will go deep and broad to provide holistic solutions that work long-term. If surgery is needed, we will be real upfront about your school’s need for it. We will not dance around the reality that short-term pain and suffering is needed to significantly advance God’s purposes and vision. 3. We don't play songs on one-string guitars. GraceWorks is not a one-solution specialist. We can provide you a thorough capital campaign, if you need one, but we also provide excellent marketing solutions. We have experts in annual funding, even visioning and planning. We have software solutions, even. (We can't pontificate on your need to provide solid customer relationship management without giving you a practical way to do it!) 4. We will work where ever you have need. If you want us to help in one area, and two others are sick, we are going to press pretty hard to help you in those areas, too. That’s what holistic solutions mean. Everything relates to everything! 5. In the end, our goal is to instill in you what God is making new. That is, as much as you will let us, as much as we possibly can! In other words, GraceWorks does not want you dependent on us. And we are never going to hold back, either, because helping you in some other way “wasn’t in the contract.” 6. Finally, as a Golden Rule ministry, GraceWorks has a 100% Good Faith Guarantee. If you’ve worked with GraceWorks in good faith, and we somehow fail you — and we can’t make it right — then we will refund whatever is fair, up to 100% of our fees. This is a core value issue for GraceWorks, flowing out of Christ’s command to love our neighbors as ourselves. We assume the risk in partnering with you. The most effective 21 st century leaders, according to Bill Hybels and Ken Blanchard, are those who lead, not by the authority of their position, but rather through articulating core values and organization vision. Why? Because the world is changing so fast that the constant cannot be whatever we are doing right now. In the acceleration of change in our world, what you do must also change if your Christian school is to survive and thrive. The constant that rarely changes is whywhy we do what we do. That’s core values. If your Christian school has plateaued or is dying, there is a good chance that something related to core values simply isn’t working right. FREE: Mission, Vision, and Values — Yours and Ours...Do We Match? Request more information by simply emailing us.
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