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School Saver Financial Tracker

The School Saver Financial Tracker answers this important question: Will we make our tuition income budget for this fiscal year?

Importantly, it answers this question in real time, as you go. A scorecard that tells you where you are throughout the school year.

This is accomplished the only way it could possibly be done: As an ongoing tracking device that both your Admissions office and Business Office will be glad to use daily. The mother of all great enrollment funnel spreadsheets, and a financial section completely customizable for the needs of your school.

You can hide all financial information behind passwords, and the program will estimate likely revenues from probable and in process students – automatically.

The result is a spreadsheet that tells you daily, in a three or two digit number, whether you are on track to meet your goal for the single largest income item you budget.

That means peace of mind, and actionable lead metrics for generating more leads, closing more leads, retaining more students, and effectively giving away financial aid. All summarized in a three-digit number which becomes your goal.

Why the School Saver Financial Tracker?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created historic danger and opportunity for Christian schools. Government agencies, public schools, and COVID itself are determining whether both public and private schools will have virtual or in class learning, or perhaps blended.

Caught in the middle, parents and private Christian schools are experiencing an incredible amount of enrollment flux. Families are enrolling and un enrolling, even in the same day, and parents who did not need financial aid are now requiring it.

This CHURN makes it very difficult for Christian schools to answer the one question that matters most to their long-term survival: Are we going to make it financially?

Download a PDF explaining the School Saver Financial Tracker here. Or watch a complete demonstration here.

If your school is between 0 and 149 students, you can use the School Saver Financial Tracker for only $495 for the entire 20/21 school year. Schools between 150 and 499 in enrollment can use the program for 1 school year for only $995.

Schools of 500 or larger, or schools needing simultaneous user access, can use our database version of this program.

Order Here

$495 (0-149 Students)

$995 (150-499 Students)

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