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10 School Start-up Mistakes

In a school start-up, there’s no time to waste! Mistakes

can cost you time and reputation – read this free resource

and move closer to opening day.

GraceWorks Support for School Start-ups

Our consultants have started and improved Christian schools across North America. Learn how they can help you accelerate your school opening.

Great Beginnings Program Description

Launch your school efficiently with our comprehensive school start-up program. Weekly or bi-weekly coaching gives you step-by-step, one-on-one guidance so your team can open a healthy school. See how GraceWorks’ consultants can help you find finances, resources and community support for your new school. You can request the free resources, 10 School Start-up Mistakes and GraceWorks Support for School Start- ups, simply by emailing us.. Or call (719) 278-9600, ext.400 to request Great Beginnings Program Description. You may also call for a free, no-obligation consultation as well.
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