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($395 when purchased with any other survey below)

Exclusively developed for Preschools, custom-designed to identify the unique needs of preschool audiences! Extracted from nearly a decade of survey experience and research A separate survey, available as a stand-alone product for $695, or for only $395 when purchased in conjunction with any of our other survey products below

BASIC $995

Our legacy survey we have used for nearly a decade with over 100,000 respondents and nearly 700 schools Includes 60-page report of all key statistics (with 2-3 page summary), invaluable constituent comments, and an extensive Excel spreadsheet about alumni, volunteers, enrollment status, testimonials and promoter list Fully normed and scored as always Now available at a much lower price! STANDARD PLUS$1395 The State-of-the-Art Christian school survey just got better! Incorporates all we have learned from 11 years of marketing, coaching and finance work, including many new questions and differentials to keep you on the vanguard of best practices nationwide! Also includes new questions on curriculum and life skills Undergoing continuous refinement, incorporating suggestions from schools such as yours CANADIAN STANDARD — $1395 Our new standard survey exclusively for Canada! Undergoing continuous refinement based on feedback from our Canadian clients Largely and validly normed for Canadian schools We split the difference with you on the exchange rate! ADVANCED — $1995 When you want to know survey results by school division, grade level, or constituent group Recommended for larger schools, and especially those with K – 12 Data can be split up to three different ways (typical splits are Elementary-Middle School-High School, or Parent-Teacher-Alumni, or however you want the data!), plus school-as-a-whole. Includes analysis of up to 40 different program elements of your choosing Includes up to three separate debriefings by GraceWorks President Dan Krause to the groups of your choosing PLUS you can include up to 20 additional questions from a long list of pre-approved questions CUSTOM — $2995 This survey allows you to completely customize your survey to your particular situation or needs Great for teacher assessments, pre-capital campaign research, accreditation or other specialized needs Includes school-as-a-whole, plus up to five divisional splits! Splits could be school divisions, teacher vs. parent perceptions, vouchered vs. non-vouchered families, or more Includes up to four separate debriefings by President Dan Krause to the groups of your choosing Add any of our pre-approved list of specialized questions Plus unlimited custom questions of your choice, limited only by the length of the survey your parents will endure Largely normed, including pre-approved questions, but custom questions cannot be normed for obvious reasons GraceWorks’ PSRS is the longest running, most popular satisfaction survey among Christian schools in North America. To receive a detailed description of the survey itself, and the three final reports, simply request it by emailing us.
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Parent Satisfaction & Referral Surveys - 2018

The tuition realized from just one more student gained or retained,

or one more volunteer uncovered to replace a paid position, will

more than pay for the cost of any survey!

Basic PSRS Survey OR Basic + PreSchool PSRS Surveys
Standard Plus PSRS Survey OR Standard + & PreSchool PSRS Survey
Canadian Std PSRS Survey OR Canadian Std + PreSchool PSRS Survey
Advanced PSRS Survey OR Advance + PreSchool PSRS Survey
Custom PSRS Survey OR Custom + PreSchool PSRS Survey