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About Legacy Survey

GraceWorks’ Legacy PSRS was our standard survey for many years. It includes our standard demographics, and 40 program elements. All normed between the United States and Canada. For many smaller schools, GraceWorks Legacy survey is sufficient LEGACY SURVEY LEGACY SURVEY + PRESCHOOL ADD ON $1,295 $1,690

About Standard+ Survey

In 2018, GraceWorks’ Legacy PSRS was refined to reflect 9 years of experience with the survey. Program elements were modified to include 53 program elements. Additional other questions were added, with adjustments of former legacy questions. One of the most important changes is that all versions of the Standard+ survey include curricular areas such as Math, English, History, and the like. We continue to make refinements on the Standard+ survey with additional research and experience.

Overview: Standard+ Accreditation Surveys

Presently, GraceWorks has developed a Standard+ version for NLSA accreditation. We will adapt our Standard+ survey for other accrediting agencies as requested, at no additional charge. GraceWorks’ Parent Satisfaction surveys have been used for accreditation purposes for over a decade.

Overview: Lutheran Standard+ Survey

The Lutheran Standard+ Survey was developed out of our extensive experience with Lutheran Elementary and Secondary Christian schools since 2006. As with all Standard+ surveys, we are always open to suggestions to tailor our survey to the needs of Lutheran schools.

Overview: Adventist Standard+ Survey

GraceWorks’ has likewise had significant experience with Seventh-day Adventist schools, both in research and enrollment marketing coaching. The Adventist Standard+ survey reflects wisdom learned from SDAs since 2006. As with the Lutheran Standard+ survey, we are always willing to refine our Standard+ surveys to reflect the needs of the denomination.

Overview: Canadian Standard Survey

Thanks to a number of Canadian schools, we changed the Standard+ PSRS to reflect Canadian nuances of communication, values, and differences in program aspects. In addition, we researched the important issue of whether our data in the United States is comparable to responses from Canadian Christian school constituents. The answer is: Yes. Differences within Canadian school samples were larger than differences between United States and Canadian schools. However, certain items, such as traditional values, simply mean something different in Canada, and these have been removed. STANDARD+ SURVEY STANDARD+ SURVEY & PRESCHOOL ADD ON $1,595 $1,990

About the Advanced Survey

There are five good reasons a larger school would choose GraceWorks Advance PSRS survey: (1) Overall program element strengths and weaknesses typically vary by division. Besides running the overall school reports, in the Advanced PSRS we run the same reports (3 altogether) for each division. Separate reports allow you to pinpoint the problem. This is particularly important where there are multiple Principals. Typically, a large school will have program improvements for all divisions, and program improvements for certain divisions only. (2) You can add ranking questions to determine parent priorities for improvements – capital, curricular, or programmatic. This is particularly helpful in mid- and long-term planning. (3) You can access extracurricular activities more robustly, or drill down on programmatic issues. You can easily assess the overall satisfaction with classroom teachers, for example, in a way that is not threatening to these teachers. (4) You can use an advanced survey to assess priorities and interests in the early stages of a feasibility study for a capital campaign. However, the PSRS will not substitute for a well-done feasibility study. It will, however, help you frame the issues in the planning stages for a capital campaign. (5) In general, you can tailor the questions of our Standard+ survey in any way that fits your need. The only limits are: 1. A reasonable length – to have adequate survey response, and 2. Understanding that changing standard questions will result in the loss of normed data. In addition, GraceWorks’ President Dan Krause will spend up to four hours, in various meetings (including evenings) to explain the report to various leaders, together or separately. ADVANCED SURVEY ADVANCED SURVEY + PRESCHOOL ADD ON $2,195 $2,590

GraceWorks’ Preschool Survey

Any of the surveys above will work well for parents who have children in both the preschool and the elementary. However, if you have more than 50 families who are exclusively attending your preschool, you should consider the preschool survey GraceWorks offers as an inexpensive add-on. With different needs and concerns, Preschool parents need to be asked different questions. You can purchase the preschool survey as an add-on to any of the above surveys for only $395. Or you can purchase GraceWorks’ preschool survey as a stand-alone for only $795. To purchase GraceWorks’ Preschool Add On Survey, choose the BUY NOW button for the main survey you wish to purchase and select the options to add on the Preschool Survey with your purchase. PRESCHOOL SURVEY STAND-ALONE PRESCHOOL SURVEY $795

Not Sure Which Survey?

Call GraceWorks’ President Dan Krause at (719) 278-9600 #100. If that line is busy, call Dan’s assistant at ext. 200 to set up a 30-minute evaluation appointment.

Custom Large-Scale Research is Available

GraceWorks has conducted city, district, and conference-wide research using the powerful tools of the Parent Satisfaction and Referral Survey. Contact the numbers above to set up a 60-minute meeting to discuss your need. GraceWorks’ PSRS is the longest running, most popular satisfaction survey among Christian schools in North America. To receive a detailed description of the survey itself, and the three final reports, simply request it by emailing us.
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