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Survey Discounts

25% Discount on ANNUAL Auto-Renewal Survey Subscription*

10% Discount on BI-ANNUAL Auto-Renewal Survey Subscription *

Our experience with nearly 700 Christian Schools across North America demonstrates that surveying annually is

essential to keep you on top of and even ahead of issues with parents, teachers, staff, donors, and volunteers.

You assess your students at least annually, why not your parents? Committing to an annual survey, or a bi-

annual survey at the very least, assists us in a more even scheduling in the administration and processing of our

survey load, so we are able to offer you a substantial discount which benefits both ministries!

*Discount off subsequent survey of equal or lesser value. Subsequent survey must be taken within 13 months of prior survey (25 months for bi-

annual). You select your survey month. Preschool Survey when purchased as an add-on is not included in this renewal offer.

GraceWorks’ PSRS is the longest running, most popular satisfaction survey among Christian schools in North America. To receive a detailed description of the survey itself, and the three final reports, simply request it by emailing us.
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