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Parent Satisfaction & Referral Survey (PSRS)

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This is the "short version" of the ordering instructions, including some of the benefits for GraceWorks' Parent Satisfaction and Referral Survey (PSRS). If you would like more details, here are two ways: 1. A summary of the Parent Satisfaction and Referral Survey ... in just one web page. 2. FREE: Receive "Rationale and Benefits of the Parent Satisisfaction Referral Survey (PSRS)" ... perfect for big picture, global thinkers. (Order by emailing us your request.) An Unlimited Number of Respondents The cost of the Parent Satisfaction and Referral Survey is based on the features of the survey itself, NOT the number of people who respond to it. In other words, it doesn't matter whether your survey is given to 40 people ... or 4,000. Since the survey will identify people who are presently making referrals to your school, it is to your advantage to survey more people than less. It is also to your advantage to allow one survey per person -- not one survey per family. The key choice you make in ordering is whether you want the Standard version or Advanced version of the PSRS. The Advanced version allows you to add custom questions. The Entire Process Is Completely Confidential GraceWorks Ministries never collects any parents information -- no names, no emails, no IPs, no cookies ... not even a single donut! The system is entirely confidential. GraceWorks gives you number tokens, one per respondent. You keep track of who received what token. We never know. If a respondent wishes to share their specific answers with you, we report their answers along with their token number. If they do not wish to share their specific answers with you, we report their answers in random way. We also keep your school's specific results confidential. We never share your specific results with anyone else. GraceWorks does use everyone's survey results in generic ways for both teaching and research purposes, in order to move Christian schools to the next level of effectiveness. See GraceWorks' Privacy Policy. How to Use Custom Crosstabs Strategically Cross-tabs break down parental satisfaction and willingness to refer over a dimension, such as grade attended by the child, or generational cohort. Cross-tabs can answer a multitude of questions, such as: 1. How well are specific teachers pleasing our parents? Why or why not? 2. How well are we reaching Generation X? What's stopping us? 3. Are higher income parents more or less satisfied with our school? Why is that? 4. Are we reaching our immediate neighborhood? Why or why not? 5. Are parents more or less satisfied with our school the longer they are involved with it? What does this say about our reactive customer service? 6. How does satisfaction compare in our ethnic groups, and what does this say about our present ability to reach these groups? 7. How does the satisfaction with the school of other constituencies, such as board, or staff, or past parents, or church members, compare to the satisfaction and willingness to refer of current parents? The following cross-tabs are included with a standard PSRS: o Grade o Relationship to School (including student) o Educational Level of Respondent o Distance from School o Years of Relationship with School o Household Income o Race o Gender o Confidentiality of Response While these standard cross-tabs are adequate for most schools, some schools have special issues that require other questions, which are cross-tabbed. GraceWorks offers an advanced version of the Parent Satisfaction and Referral Survey which allows you add an unlimited number of questions (within the common-sense limit of survey length.) An example of this might be: Are congregational members who receive an automatic tuition discount any more satisfied then those who do not? If they aren't, what does say about the marketing value of this policy? Another example: Are families who use our old rickety gym significantly less satisfied - and willing to refer the school to others - compared to families less sports-minded? If so, we should build that new gym! If not ... maybe we should re-think borrowing a couple of million dollars to do so! What Users of the Earlier Versions of the PSRS Users Say WOW! What a report. I spent a couple of hours last night going through it. I am amazed at how such a simple- questioned survey can give such valuable insight to the school. I will obviously be spending more time with the report. I love the various angles in which you can view the data. This can really help us determine not only what the issues are but also who they affect. Anthony Knight, Principal, Covenant Christian School, Loganville, GA We are still going thru the PSRS report. We are excited about the results. It is nice to get a pat on the back and yes, we appreciate hearing about the concerns that are correctable. We will plan on doing this survey again in the future to be sure that we keep a finger on any concerns that our parents/community may have (and praises). Betty Theiman, Principal, Agape Christian Fellowship, Twin Falls, ID I am very excited about this new marketing opportunity provided by GraceWorks Ministries. By using the PSRS, we have been able to identify the level of satisfaction of families in our school. This easy and quick survey is the tool we needed to identify satisfied customers who will then help us promote our school. This survey is the first step toward higher enrollment and most importantly, to raising our standard of excellence to an even greater level. Thanks to GraceWorks for providing this much-needed tool for effective marketing. Kathy Rader, Director of Development, Stonebridge Academy, Chesapeake, VA The Parent Satisfaction and Referral Survey was extremely helpful to Lincoln Christian School, both to our board and administration. The survey was easy to use online. Lincoln Christian parents found it convenient and responded in great numbers. The information we gleaned from the survey has been at the center of our planning and decision-making since it was made available to us in an easy-to-understand, comprehensive format. Dan Krause added his expertise in interpreting the results and has been available for follow-up services that we feel will continue to help us be responsive to our constituents. We are very pleased with the benefits our school received from GraceWorks and specifically the PSRS instrument. Mark Wilson, Superintendent, Lincoln Christian School, Lincoln, NE

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