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Parent Satisfaction & Referral Survey —

Canadian Standard

Canadian Standard Version ($1395)

We’ve listened! Our Canadian brothers and sisters have been very helpful in

suggesting ways to tailor our Standard Survey to better fit the more unique

needs of the Canadian “market” and culture. And, WE SPLIT THE


This Survey is largely normed for Canadian schools, with the exception of

new questions, of course. While our old Basic survey was adequate for some

time, this latest exclusively Canadian version will have an even greater

impact on driving the success and health of Christian schools for our

neighbors to the north. We will continue to update and refine this survey as

well, based on your input.

Order the Candian Standard PSRS survey NOW!

Canadian Standard PSRS Pricing $1395 . . . . Canadian Standard PSRS Survey – the Standard

Survey tailored for the Canadian market

GraceWorks’ PSRS is the longest running, most popular satisfaction survey among Christian schools in North America. To receive a detailed description of the survey itself, and the three final reports, simply request it by emailing us.
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