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Parent Satisfaction & Referral Survey 4.0 - Advanced

Advanced Version ($1995)

The gold standard for Christian schools in North America has moved to the next level! At $1,995, the Advanced PSRS provides far better data than our $5,000 Differential Diagnostic product offered just a few years ago. Advanced version, PSRS 4.0 includes everything that is in the powerful Standard Plus of the survey.

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In addition, ADVANCED PSRS 4.0 includes these powerful features: When you want to know survey results by school division, grade level, or constituent group. Especially recommended for larger schools, or those with K – 12. Data can be split up to three different ways (typical splits are Elementary-Middle School-High School, or Parent-Teacher-Alumni, or however you want the data!), plus school-as-a-whole. PLUS, you can add up to 20 semi-custom questions from a long list of tested and approved questions that have proven to be of benefit to schools with particular needs (e.g. upcoming capital campaign, personnel issues, relocation, curriculum changes). Includes leverage analysis and percentile ranks for up to 40 different program elements, for each of your school divisions— elementary, middle and high school. (The standard version includes only the overall satisfaction and willingness to refer by school division.) Includes up to three separate live debriefings by GraceWorks founder, Dan Krause, to the groups of your choosing (e.g. teachers by division, School Board, Administration) Thumbs up / Thumbs down analysis of program elements — by school division. (The standard version runs only one set of program element data, for your entire school.) The ability to add additional volunteer recruitment questions — the standard survey includes marketing and annual fund volunteer questions, at your discretion. Quadrant summary of consolidated programs by school division. (The standard survey includes only one set of program elements, summarizing program elements for the school as a whole. Social handles for Promoters — What are your Promoter’s Facebook, Twitter, Linked in handles. Perfect for your social marketing efforts. For most schools, the Advanced survey is more than adequate to cover your most demanding quality assurance needs. You tell us the grade levels for your divisional reports.

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Advanced PSRS Pricing $1995 . . . . . . . . . .Advanced PSRS Survey – for larger schools, divisional analysis, or custom questions GraceWorks’ PSRS is the longest running, most popular satisfaction survey among Christian schools in North America. To receive a detailed description of the survey itself, and the three final reports, simply request it by emailing us.
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