Pre-Launch Info

By providing the information below, you are equipping us to build your survey and prepare it for takeoff. Please complete this at your earliest convenience, at least 5 days prior to your launch date.

Please complete this page in one sitting. Information you upload will not be saved until you press “Submit.”

Survey Pre-Launch Info

(A) Upload your constituent info.

From whom would you like to hear valuable feedback in regard to your school? Parents, grandparents, board members, church members, students, teachers?¹ Send us their names and email addresses, and we’ll invite them to participate!

In Excel, create a list² of all constituents for whom you have a unique email address. You can keep this survey respondent list simple: just four columns - Last name, First name, Email address, and "Parent" (to be filled in with "Y" for Yes next to each parent's name). (Good news! You do NOT have to further segment these lists according to grade or other relationships to the school [i.e. "teacher," "board member"]. We’ll sort all that out in the survey itself!) When you're ready, upload the data list below.

¹ Only parents, teachers, board members, volunteers, and students will be asked survey questions regarding your school’s program elements. Grandparents and church members will be asked questions that pertain to their relationship and experience with your school.
² Some school CRM programs will allow you to export these constituent lists in Excel format.

(B) Tell us whose name and email you’d like on the survey e-blast.

Whose name and email would you like us to use as the “From” address in your survey campaign?³ This email address should be one the school typically uses for schoolwide communication.

³ The person who uses this email address (i.e. school admin or principal) will need to respond to a confirmation email sent from GraceWorks’ Constant Contact before the survey can launch.
⁴ Don’t worry, your inbox isn’t going to be flooded with emails from your constituents as a result of this. Any direct replies to the survey e-blast are received by our Survey Coordinator. Your “From” address just makes the survey recognizable to your constituents’ email inboxes.

(C) Determine your survey incentives.

What incentives will you offer to encourage more people to participate in the survey process? Use an idea(s) below or come up with your own creative motivators!

No Cost to You - Consider giving the students something if their parents complete the survey. Here are three examples: 1) a minor assignment homework pass, 2) a dress-down day, or 3) a special dessert/ice cream bar. You could even offer two incentives per family. (e.g. If mom completes the survey, the kid gets a dress-down day. If dad completes the survey, the kid gets a homework pass. If there’s a single parent who completes it, the kid gets both rewards.)

To get maximum mileage out of no-cost incentives, hand out completion coupons in class, right before dismissal/pickup. Kids who did not receive a “completion coupon” will become survey promoters when they get in the car!

Minimal Cost to You - 10 gift cards from coffee shops, fast food chains, etc. with random amounts of credit, ranging from $5 to $10. Randomly pick 10 respondents to award these to at the end.

⁵ In our experience, classroom-wide incentives generally prove less effective than individual incentives, especially if they are the only incentives being used.

(D) Confirm your school info & Upload your logo.

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