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Dan Krause — Founder / President

The most helpful part was understanding where we are, “ how we got here,” and how to crawl out of our hole in a Christian, mission-minded way. —Seminar Participant Great info — thanks for your patience with all of our questions. Actual samples from your school were very helpful. Real case scenarios helped bring the examples to reality. —Seminar Participant So much good info, so well delivered. —Seminar Participant GraceWorks, more than any other resource, has caused us to make significant and positive changes in the way we advanced our school. Part of GraceWorks effectiveness is Dan Krause's deep experience and passion for Christian education. The other part is their doggedness to keep us accountable for the hard things that we agreed to change for the betterment of the school! —Chris Martineau, Head of Valley Christian School Now parents are so eager to enroll that we have waiting lists for the first time ever in our preschool. We have growth at our school this year when many other schools have declined in enrollment. We often make reference to our training with GraceWorks and use it as a standard even in the area of developing strong relationships! We trust his experience and know his heart for and understanding of Christian education guides the principles he employs. We have never regretted the investment we made in GraceWorks' training. —Jane Helleckson, Principal and Preschool Director, Riverside Christian School, East Grand Forks, MN All the sessions were incredibly beneficial. Thank you!! It was so packed with vital information! —Seminar Participant On behalf of the board at Covenant Christian School, thank you for doing a terrific job. Your information and ideas will be of great benefit to our school. What struck me most is that we should be partnering with parents so their child may be like Daniel, Moses or Esther. What a great responsibility! Thank you again. May God your ministry greatly. In Him, —Chuck Lynn, Board President The most important part of the LOSA Seminar was getting us off dead center. Dan was warm and real – very patient! —Seminar Participant This was all so new, yet linked to some of my experience, so I really like it. —Seminar Participant Understanding the financial numbers in laymen’s terms, was instrumental to me in understanding how the school operates. —Board Member The entire sessions were incredibly beneficial. Thank you!! … It was so packed with vital information! —Kero Solheid I felt that Dan was not just presenting the material but was proactive in insuring that we use it productively. —Seminar Participant 1) It was helpful when Dan reviewed survey results and wasn’t timid when telling us where we are weak. He was truthful in telling us we are only better than 25% of other schools. 2) I appreciated the spiritual emphasis and his focus on letting the Holy Spirit lead us even if it’s not the “conventional” wisdom. —Seminar Participant This Seminar is what it was supposed to be Excellent! —Bob Hendricks Well, I'm recovering from the weekend. Dan, it was awesome! It was somewhat like a fire hydrant of information for me, but I loved it. My mind won't quit ... I need some absorption time!! I'm inspired, and I thank you so much. —Karen Pruitt, Central Christian Academy, Wichita, KS Dan provided very useful information about the enrollment and closing process – right down to the right words to say! Thank you. —Mandy Steen Great to know what works, so we don't waste time trying to "re-invent the wheel." Lots of practical info; gives us hope that yes, we can make it! —Seminar Participant The most helpful part of the seminar was learning what specific steps to take to develop and implement a plan to grow our school. —Seminar Participant What a great way to talk about our school in a constructive way. Looking forward to a bright future. Good to have a professional to guide and lead us. Thank you and God bless. —Seminar Participant Practical ideas I can take back and use right away. —Seminar Participant Dan's presentation was warm yet professional. He provided us with very helpful and practical analysis of information developed by the surveys. The technical advice regarding website design and marketing was very helpful. —Seminar Participant I learned way more than I thought possible. Great to have a group hear all this so we can work together. —Kelly Schmidtke, Seminar Participant You have encouraged us and given us many practical tools to increase our school enrollment and strengthen our school. —Seminar Participant You were very fair in both praise and critiques. It is helpful to have an outsider's opinion. —Seminar Participant Dan was warm and real ... and very patient. We'll need a follow-up in a year! —Seminar Participant Important and excellent info. A necessity in today's world. —Seminar Participant The most helpful parts of the seminar were the practical ideas and the discussion. Dan is rich with knowledge ... and wisdom. —Pastor Scott Mews, Seminar Participant The wealth of experience and research which Dan could draw on, especially as it translates into practical suggestions, is outstanding. —Seminar Participant The most helpful parts for me were great ideas that were cheap to implement, and the good ideas that were researched – Word of Mouth…I liked how things were time-lined for me to take back to my principal. —Kathy Coleman Dan Krause came to our school last summer and provided us with training that revolutionized our thinking regarding finances, retention, literature, website, and much more. We have begun using his methods in several areas including the recruitment of new students. In the past we sent out packets with enough information to help parents decide NOT to enroll at our school. —Seminar Participant At Town & Country School we felt cared for and ministered to by Daniel Krause. He has a servant’s heart, seeking to provide the very best consultation for our situation. The survey provides unbiased information which gives an honest appraisal of strengths and weaknesses. Dan’s experience enables him to make instant assessments; his careful listening and quick perception enables accurate recommendations. —David Kretzmann, Executive Director Town & Country Lutheran School Sacramento, CA About Ongoing Live Consultations - Dan is a delightful man with a tremendous amount of information — actually good information. Most of all he is a bold follower of Christ, which is always an inspiration. —Tim Murray, Board Director Loyola Christian School, Mankato, Minnesota
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