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Free Chapter – Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth marketing is the most cost - effective marketing method for Christian schools. In this actual chapter from our marketing guide, you’ll learn about our tested, systematic approach. Use it and watch your enrollment grow! Be sure to see also, Marketing Christian Schools, Vol. 1, The Definitive Guide.

Free webinar – Key Insights from the 13/14

Marketing Season

Up-to-the-minute things you can do to increase enrollment now. A sneak peak from our insider’s marketing clinics!

Free webinar – Making the Profound Case for Christian Education

Why parents – especially Christian parents – must consider a Christian education. This webinar makes the case robustly while speaking to your parents’ heart. Use it with current enrollees’ parents to reinforce their decision.

Coaching Program Sampler

Experience first-hand what coaching clients receive in the eMc programs. Tailored exclusively for Christian schools, you will not hear these tips anywhere else!

eMc Program Description

GraceWorks’ affordable, foundational marketing and coaching program. On-site training for your entire team to upgrade your enrollment processes. The essential elements you need to lift your school’s enrollment now.

eMc2 Program Description

Features all the essential on-site training of the eMc program and adds 2 hours of personal, one-on-one coaching per month for an entire year to assure that your marketing program builds effectively.

eMc3 Program Description

Includes all the features of the eMc2 program and adds efficient marketing software and training for your marketing team. Includes a branding and strategy review, 4 hours of one-on-one coaching per month and guarantees a 10% year-over-year enrollment increase (see particulars)!

eMc4US Program Description

Our most comprehensive marketing program! Includes all the features in the eMc3 program and multiplies them with the power of social media. Over 3 days of on-site training, 4 hours of one-on-one coaching per month, web site branding review, a new landing page, search engine optimization and more. Guarantees a 10% year-over- year enrollment increase (see particulars)!

Revenue Revolution

Revenue Revolution - GraceWorks's comprehensive and cutting-edge marketing, fund development, and program quality solutiion to dramatically increase Christian school revenues. Request free resources. Or, for a free, no-obligation consultation, please call (719) 278-9600, ext.400.
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