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Dan Krause — Founder / President

I am not able to adequately thank you for all you have done for us. The weekend was so full. My mind was spinning. I am so very impressed with your wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom. Your memory of names and experiences is of so much value to your program and is incredibly impressive. …I trust God will richly bless you for your extraordinary efforts to assist us. Christina Hutchings, Head of School, Ambassador Christian Academy, Toms River, NJ The Lord has blessed Guelph Community Christian School, in Guelph, Ontario, with almost 70% growth in 4 years: from a shrinking school of 143 mainly Dutch students and 15 staff in 2008 to a thriving school of 240 students and 25 staff representing over 20 denominations in June 2012! Our deficit budget has changed to a balanced budget. This September, we will move into a new-to-us revitalized campus over twice the size. Our extended community has blessed us generously via a wildly successful capital campaign of $ 3.2 million in under one year. So how was all this possible? …We hired a new principal with terrific leadership, visioning and people skills and using Graceworks’ Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide Essentials, Volume I as a workbook, we developed a plan for recruitment and for retention and implemented many of Graceworks’ ideas over a few years. We aim to be leaders in our community. In the background, much research and tracking of stats, monitoring trends in education, is always happening. When other schools ask us what we have been doing right, the first recommendation we give is check out the Graceworks website. Graceworks spells out very well what needs to be done in their valuable book, Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide Essentials, Volume I. With prayer, discernment, hard work, dedicated volunteers, great leadership and very little money, turning a shrinking school into a thriving school is possible. Lisa Burke, Chair Recruitment and Retention Committee Guelph Community Christian School Guelph, Ontario Addressing this situation/challenge wanting a fresh perspective, we contracted with Dan Krause at GraceWorks ( for eighteen months from February 2010 through August 2011. The cost was less than $20,000 and included on-site training plus weekly one-hour calls where we dictated the agenda and could put anyone – and any number – in the room. In addition, the surveys, interpretation, and evaluation of current materials, including our website was done. Tremendous investment. Fees were paid over the course of the eighteen months so it was affordable. Our enrollment increased from 592 in 2010-11 to 647 in 2011-12. We are planning on a modest gain again in 2012-13. We are so thankful and blessed. I encourage you to contact Dan . . . and tell him I sent you :-). By the way, if you are looking for someone to simply tell you what a great job you are doing, go to someone else. Dan is knowledgeable and direct. Graceworks is one of best investments, if not the best investment, we have made in last 10 years in personnel and program. (I have been here 37 years, last 25 as superintendent) Bruce Johnson, Superintendent Redwood Christian Schools ACSI Executive Board Dear Dan, On August, 9 we had a board meeting and I gave the update on enrollment – 140 on that date. It was not gloom and doom, but the question was asked about what we would do if we did not meet our projected numbers. My answer was -----pray……a lot. It did not look real good at the time. We still had inquiries, we still gave tours, I still had consultations but it seemed like we were not going to reach the 165 we projected. Well, as of today (Sept 10) we have 177 and still have a few still in the works. We ended last year at 161. God has blessed in such a miraculous way that Linda (secretary) said to stop praying for a while until we catch up. Our preschool numbers are about double last year and we have 17 new students in middle school and high school. I do want to thank you for all your support and advice this year. It has been invaluable. Pray for us as we continue to seek the will of God for our school and work towards making His plans a reality. Allan Edgar Administrator Emmanuel Christian School At Town & Country School we felt cared for and ministered to by Daniel Krause. He has a servant’s heart, seeking to provide the very best consultation for our situation. The survey provides unbiased information which gives an honest appraisal of strengths and weaknesses. Dan’s experience enables him to make instant assessments; his careful listening and quick perception enables accurate recommendations. David Kretzmann Executive Director Town & Country Lutheran School Sacremento, CA On behalf of the board at Covenant Christian School, thank you for doing a terrific job. Your information and ideas will be of great benefit to our school. What struck me most is that we should be partnering with parents so their child may be like Daniel, Moses or Esther. What a great responsibility! Thank you again. May God Bless your ministry greatly. In Him, Chuck Lynn Board President
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