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Over the next 5 months, you will experience a tremendous amount of flux in overall enrollment and financial aid.

This Heroes solution emails you a simple report each morning, seven days a week, summarizing your current ‘20/21 tuition income level – enrolled, in process, probable; plus a grade by grade report, including leads with contact information.

Without a system like this, you are flying blind on next year’s staffing. Parents will be coming and going as their employment situations change – often changing more than once for the same family. To survive, you are going to be more flexible and aggressive in financial aid than you have ever been before.

Forget the 50% rule. Forget the notion that all financial aid must be funded. To save some families, you will be carrying many for several months. Individual families’ circumstances and minds will be changing several times over the next five months.

Most economists think that our economy will be down April through September, starting an upswing in October. This has profound implications for parents’ employment – and their view of what they can afford.

I discuss these issues in a 35-minute video. Based on over two days of research, it is the most important video I have done in 5 years. I’m pleading with you to listen. Really, it’s a video 14 years in the making – serving Christian schools like yours full-time. Including through the last recession.

If you are any size at all, everything related to next year’s tuition income will be difficult to keep track of manually. A daily nightmare upon which you will have to make staffing decisions. And clearly your admissions people have far more important things to do.

Lacking good projections, you could end up firing teachers unnecessarily. Worse, you could end up firing teachers last minute, too late for them to get a decent job elsewhere.

For about six bucks a day , you could make the most informed and wisest possible decisions for your precious staff in these difficult times. Delivered to your inbox every morning. It’s the most affordable we could make it, and a small price to have the best possible information on your projected revenue for ‘20/’21.

Call GraceWorks’ Strategic Partner, Albert Diaz at 180 Degree Solutions: Albert Diaz (909) 740-3886, x 101.

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