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Dan Krause — Founder / President

Dan's presentations at the 2012 NAD Teacher Convention have significantly influenced the way I interact with potential families and current families! In short, his instruction has liberated me from the constraints of cold, hard, clinical numbers and opened my eyes, mouth & heart to educational excellence focus first! Tracy Ringering, CPA Treasurer Many of the attendees to the NAD Marketing Summit in Portland, Oregon last month expressed their appreciation for timely and worthwhile meetings. We at the North American Division know that success by any measure is due to the Lord’s benevolence and to your personal investment in this program. …Thank you for being a partner with us in this special program for Adventist educators. This note along with the small honorarium check enclosed cannot adequately convey our gratitude for the gift of your energy and expertise. Your breakout session(s) were a vital component of our Marketing Summit. Thank you for being a colleague and contributor to Adventist education as a breakout session presenter. We in the NAD Office of Education wish you God’s richest Blessing as you continue serving the Master Teacher. Sincerely, Larry Blackmer Debra Fryson Dennis Plubell Vice-President Associate Director Associate Director

David-Paul Zimmerman — Senior Administrator / Healthy Schools

Adjectives describing the students at Amazing Grace Christian during our observations of each child in chapel and in the classrooms this day would be focused, directed, engaged, open, thoughtful, respectful, responsive, considerate, appreciative of teachers, and Christian. There is no question who is in charge on campus. It is Reverend David Paul Zimmerman, who gives all credit to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.... From our hours of discussion with David and the administrative team we were able to characterize the primary driving forces that combine to make this school a successful one spiritually, educationally and developmentally. Administrator, Amazing Grace Christian School, Seattle, WA David described the journey from closing the school in the 90’s to rebuilding it one class at a time with a beginning of 13 students. In the last three years a major change occurred, the addition of a technology based middle school program, and to a large degree technology influenced primary grades instruction. Since then the feedback from parents, students and high school admissions personnel has been glowing in response. The school has 190 students with 51 new enrollees this year and a waiting list. School Administrator, Amazing Grace Christian School, Seattle, Washington
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