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Great Beginnings

Great Beginnings starts Christian schools right! It is a step-by- step program led by one of GraceWorks experienced consultants that leads your school start-up team from concept to school opening — and beyond. It covers finances, facilities, curriculum, values, mission, marketing, church partnerships — everything your school needs before your first class bells ring!

Your New Christian School

“If you build it, they will come.” It is certainly a great line from the classic movie, Field of Dreams. If only it was that easy to start a Christian school! Starting a new Christian school, like any major project, requires a dedicated team, business, educational, and regulatory knowledge and a great deal of hard work! (Did we mention money, as well?) You’ll also want to avoid the missteps that can prevent or derail your new school! GraceWorks Ministries has the solution: A complete, customized, consultant-directed program that provides everything your team needs to start a healthy Christian school. We call it Great Beginnings.

Great Beginnings: The Call

God has given you a special call: to start a Christian school. Congratulations! We are here to partner with you in this vital calling. The decisions you make at the beginning, the approach you take and the way you start will determine your school’s DNA. Whether a school is large or small, excellent or mediocre, financially anemic or financially robust is determined by the design you and your team crafts at the very beginning. GraceWorks Ministries partners exclusively with Christian schools. Our consultants have worked with over 500 schools in North America. GraceWorks’ goal is to help you establish the school according to the vision God has given you on a healthy, sustainable foundation that utilizes the best practices in Christian education. Realistically and modestly priced for your budget, GraceWorks’ Great Beginnings Program gives you the right start! GraceWorks matches your school’s needs and situation to the cost of your start-up. Generally, there are two levels of engagement: Level 1 provides regular phone coaching, and email training with your team and guides you through each foundational step. Designed to be both affordable and detailed, schools with significant organizational structures and experienced leadership find that this level of engagement provides the essential facilitation needed for a successful launch. Level 2 provides a comprehensive solution designed especially for volunteer teams that want an in-depth, mentor-based program. This program is recommended for schools where God has called for a more advanced program, or a quicker - time-sensitive start. On-site consultations and training for your entire team may be offered, depending upon your school’s situation. A custom quotation is provided upon request and monthly payment programs are available. Please note: your consultant knows how to help you fund your start-up, too. As God’s finger has pointed His Way, His hand will also provide.

Great Beginnings Timeline

The Great Beginnings Program begins with a simple, School Start-up Form that collects some basic information about your school start-up team. Then, you’ll receive an initial, free consultation with your team and your GraceWorks’ consultant. A custom proposal and agreement, based upon your school’s needs and unique situation, is prepared. When the agreement is signed and the first 6 months’ fees are received, weekly phone consultations begin. Each consultation builds upon the previous one to accomplish the program goals (see below) leading to Opening Day. When Opening Day arrives, the Great Beginnings Program enters a new phase! GraceWorks consultants nurture your new school for the next 12 to 24 months (or longer) to assure your success in enrollment marketing, sustainable financial practices, annual funds, parent satisfaction and more. Ultimately, your school launches with everything you need to succeed and the GraceWorks start- up edge: the best practices in Christian education. How long will it take to launch your new school? The answer depends upon you, your team’s sense of urgency and, most importantly, God’s timing. The sooner you accomplish the essential Program Goals, the sooner your school can launch successfully.

Program Goals

Your team, in collaboration with your GraceWorks consultant, will develop your school’s unique start- up timetable. The following will be completed in the order of need. Through phone, email, or on-site coaching, GraceWorks provides practical, wise help to accomplish the following steps: 1. Establish a foundation of prayer for the new school. 2. Understand the role of your history. 3. Determine whom you will serve. 4. Locate a suitable facility. 5. Explore a special “niche” of service / program beyond just “Christian education.” 6. Build foundation statements vision, mission, values, and a logo/tag line. 7. Develop policies and procedures. 8. Create the educational program & make curricular choices. 9. Guide fiduciary tasks including incorporation, by-laws, and licensing. 10. Determine overall financial plan, including a vision-driven approach to tuition and financial aid. 11. Effectively market the school. 12. Develop the project timeline – which includes when to “pull the trigger.” (When are you ready to open the doors?) In addition, a school start-up survey may be administered to your constituents at the appropriate time. Each of these steps represents an opportunity to make a great decision – or to derail the entire project. GraceWorks’ consultants know how to facilitate these critical steps and expedite a successful launch.

Get Started: Free Initial Consultation

Contact Dan Krause for a complete Great Beginnings Program Description and the School Start-up Form at 719-278-9600 extension 100. With your core leadership team, fill out the short form and return it to your representative. After you return the School Start-up Form, Dan will schedule a Free Initial Consultation with one of our consultants and your team members. GraceWorks Ministries believes in your school! Make it a thriving start – a GREAT BEGINNING. “Commit to the Lord in whatever you do and your plan will succeed.” —Proverbs 16:3
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