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Ray Webb

Vision / Planning Consultant

I have admired Ray Webb and the concepts of Vision Planning since the first day we met and strongly recommend that members of your ministry staff meet with them. Cross the nation if necessary... but meet with Vision Planning as soon as you can. Dr. John N. Vaughan, Church Growth Today, Megachurch Research Center, Center for the Study of Growing Churches Vision Planning offers the missing link between ministry visioning and architecture. This process will save you time and money, while building much greater unity of vision among your people. Paul Sorensen, President, Joy Leadership Center I want to express my deepest gratitude for the "life-giving" experience during our Vision Planning sessions. The fellowship and prayers were enriching and your knowledge and direction was indeed most helpful. It has been a refreshing new start for me. Jim Mertz, Senior Pastor, Harvest Church, Colorado Springs, CO Vision Planning's ability to maximize your church's ministry potential and their commitment to excellence are vital keys that will raise the level of your ministry's effectiveness and success. Gary Arneson, Executive Director, World Prayer Center/World Prayer Team Vision Planning was invaluable in helping us. We thought we had a big vision, but our eyes were opened as we were challenged and motivated to rethink what God might have for us in our community. Brian Murphy, Administrative Pastor, Riverlakes Comm. Church We used Vision Planning at a time when we needed clarity and answers to specific questions. We prayed and felt God telling us there is safety in counsel. So, we went into our Visioneering Retreat expecting to receive the clarity and answers we needed. We received both! Our retreat with Vision Planning greatly helped us at a time when we needed wisdom and direction. We recommend Vision Planning highly and without reservation. Pastors Joe and Deborah Oakley, Grace Fellowship Church, Grand Prairie, TX Vision Planning has thoroughly re-energized our zeal and passion for ministry. Using a systematic Biblically-based process, Vision Planning helped us discern God's will for our future. The time we shared was utterly transforming. Vision Planning’s unique ability to craft a narrative story of our vision to share with our congregation and school has helped us believe that we can achieve God's vision over the next 20 years. I am still astounded at how God used Vision Planning to serve us. I only wish I had done this 15 years ago. I unhesitatingly and wholeheartedly encourage others to experience a Visioneering Retreat. BUT be prepared to return home - changed! Dr. David-Paul Zimmerman, Pastor - Amazing Grace Lutheran Church and School, Seattle, WA Vision Planning has been the single best decision of my ministry. I can honestly say that I have never felt more motivated. Vision Sunday was awesome! We have begun to "run" with the vision! Our people are living it, and it has become much more than a motto. Our church is growing like never before. Pastor Kevin Kleinhenz, Living Hope Church (COG), Baytown, TX The Visioneering Retreat in Colorado Springs was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Vision Planning has a heart for the church and a passion to help them go to the next level. Pastor Rob Turner, Bridgeport Bible Fellowship Church (EFCA), Bridgeport, CT The results of our visioneering sessions were priceless. Pastor William Lott, Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church, Chicago, IL Visioneering was the best investment I’ve made in my 18 years as a Senior Pastor. We’ve been sharing the vision with different groups of different sizes and then meeting with the people individually! This has proved to be invaluable. It’s taken more out of us and, at the same time, done more in us than we ever dreamed. God is working in ways never imagined and in people we never expected. Since being with Vision Planning 16 months ago God has enlarged me. For that I cannot thank you enough. Pastor Frankie Powell, World Outreach Center, Oneonta, AL My Visioneering in Colorado has inspired me to become is it a gas to be on a great adventure with God! Pastor George Stathos, Calvary Chapel of Amador, Pine Grove, CA Vision Planning is just what we needed during our transition into our new building. It has lifted a huge weight off of me. Now we can move forward strategically towards God's plan for us. Pastor Wilbur Outten, Freeport Bible Church, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas Our visioneering sessions were a high water mark in the history of our church. The quality and the style of writing in our vision narrative was excellent—reminiscent of Frank Peretti or Jerry Jenkins. The flow is fantastic and the story clearly conveys God's heart for our future. Pastor John Jerry Smith, Centro Cristiano de Guayaquil (AOG), Ecuador I want to thank you for a great time together! I am so excited that I don't think that I can wait until we have a leadership retreat to share this document. I was blessed from spending this time with you. Pastor Samuel Holland, ACCESS Community Church, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada The guys at Vision Planning locked me into a room for two days and the results have been amazing. Our people are engaged like never before! Pastor Malcolm MacPhail, New Hope Community Church (AOG), Gilroy, CA When I shared the vision narrative from the pulpit, my congregation gave me a standing ovation. Pastor Darrell MacLearn, Rio Vista Church (COTN), Albuquerque, NM
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