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Annual Fund Program Description

Raise funds strategically, obtain major gifts, and develop a culture of on-going support while you improve your school’s total program health. Coaching provides the guidance you need — not just to increase yearly income — but to allow more donors the opportunity to participate in your school.

Real world campaign success essentials

There is more to fundraising than just asking! Learn the secrets from capital campaign professionals so your school can not only raise money, but extends your school’s outreach. GraceWorks’ Support Studies A capital campaign essential! This program description shows the difference between raising money and a truly successful campaign that fundamentally improves your school. With over $500 Million in capital fund development success, GraceWorks’ process takes the guessing out of your capital campaign.

Why Internally Directed Campaigns Fail

This is a must – read, BEFORE you take the first step toward new facilities! Discover why your first step is not to hire an architect. Find out how wealthy donors think and how they must be approached if you want substantial donations.

Summary of Effective Major Gift Work

Learn how God has used GraceWorks’ consultants to promote His work!

Revenue Revolution

Revenue Revolution - GraceWorks's comprehensive and cutting-edge marketing, fund development, and program quality solutiion to dramatically increase Christian school revenues. Request any free resources via email. Or, for a free, no-obligation consultation, please call (719) 278-9600, ext.200.
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