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More Fundraising - Annual Fund Testimonials

Thank you for your hard work with us...what a whirlwind of a weekend! Your communication skills are such a positive asset and everyone bought in..because of who you are –and what you shared about your experience! Also the humorous stories keep us alive and happy through the other information! Blessings to you as you have blessed us. Nancy Roenn, Bethel Christian Academy, Parma, OH GraceWorks, more than any other resource, has caused us to make significant and positive changes in the way we advanced our school. Part of GraceWorks effectiveness is Dan Krause's … deep experience and passion for Christian education. The other part is their doggedness to keep us accountable for the hard things that we agreed to change for the betterment of the school! —Chris Martineau, Head of Valley Christian School Praise for GraceWorks’ Annual Fund Work - $65,000 and counting, thanks ... —Katie Wilson, Development Director, Belvoir Christian Academy, Chattanooga, TN Thank you so much for everything … The board was so pleased with how the weekend turned out, and I am too! I’m looking forward to all the great things that God has in store for CCS as we move forward. —Gina Shipley, Cornerstone Christian School, San Angelo, TX On behalf of the St. Luke Board of Directors, I want to extend our heartfelt thanks to you in helping St. Luke School develop HUGS, our annual fund campaign.” —Joyce Cooley, Board Secretary, St. Luke Lutheran School, Santa Rosa, CA Our Annual Fund drive finished with over $75,000 last year and our goal this year is $ 100,000. We owe much of that to you.” —Bob French, Chairman Board of Education, St. Paul Christian, Aurora, IL When I first became acquainted …, I knew that developing an Annual Fund campaign at Unity was something that we needed to do. However, it was always a “back-burner” project for me. I always had something more urgent that required my attention. Or so I thought. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I was obvious that God wanted to bless our school …. Looking back, it’s even more obvious now. One of the first steps was to determine our Annual Fund goal for the first year. We needed $50,000 to balance our budget, and my hope was we would reach that goal by the following June. Praise the Lord! Contributions to our school thorough the first three months were in excess of $75,000! … Paul Miller, Principal Unity Christian School East, St. Louis, IL My initial interaction … was very positive. A complete diagnosis of our current marketing materials[was done], our website and our advertising methods, of which I was impressed with [t]his cope of knowledge and suggestions. [We were] assisted in creating a marketing team made up of business owners, technology experts and marketing consultants. Consistency in our marketing materials was much needed. Our school has a “new look.” I am very grateful [for being] coached through a very important new phase for our institution. We are already reaping the benefits of [t]his leadership as we are seeing an increase in enrollment of 5%-8% largely due our “new” visibility. Michael J. Yurk St. Paul Lutheran School Grafton, WI
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