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Heroes Pride: Christian Schools Defying National Crisis

Heroes Pride recognizes that the worst of times calls for our best. In that spirit, we offer five new COVID-19 services to help you navigate these perilous times.

Heroes Pride Membership ($29 a month)

This includes 2-3 short, pertinent videos per week. These 5 to 35 minute videos give you the strategies and tactics we used to overcome decline in the Great Recession – all contextualized to our current situation. Key tools – including our Full Pay Equivalent and Funnel System, as well as our Biblical and social norms system for financial aid, Promoter mailers, prospect auto-responders, and our entire enrollment closing system, adapted to digital, based on the Challenger selling, which will be crucial in our recession. Heroes Pride helps you manage the narrative of these times, because your parents will be sacrificing more than ever to send their children to your school. More Information on Heroes Pride membership page. ***Note – Heroes Pride Membership is required for all other COVID-19 solutions. You can cancel at any time.***

‘20/’21 Tuition Income Tracker / Predictor ($200 a month, $200 setup)

The purpose of this simple, powerful tool is to help you accurately predict ‘20/’21 tuition income, so that you can staff properly. A significant danger is cutting too many or too few teachers for ‘20/’21. But your family’s enrollment status and financial aid requirements will vary considerably as this crisis unfolds. With simple online updates, the Tuition Income Tracker sends you two reports every morning – your total tuition income, and grade-by-grade break-out of all parents, new or current, with key contact information. In the next five months, the status of individual families is likely to change several times. The Tracker provides bedrock information to make wise staffing decisions. More information

Parent Enrollments Sentiments Survey ($995)

A revised version of our nationally-normed Parent Satisfaction and Referral Survey, pared down to just 5 minutes. This includes carefully nuanced questions on enrollment intent, state-of-mind, vocation, and the perceived value of your program. Because our current crisis is so fluid, we will send the survey once a month, up to four times, so you can understand more completely your ‘20/’21 enrollment picture – and future year enrollment as well. The economic narrative of our upcoming recession has yet to be determined. The Parent Sentiment Survey gives you a chance to bring forth a biblical narrative to your parents – for the good of their kids.

No-Meeting Fund Development (Starting at $995)

If you have had to cancel fund development activities because of a lockdown, we can provide hands-on help with virtual events (except auctions), and direct mail / phone lift sequences. This is done through our strategic partnership with McConkey – Johnson International, for decades the premier Christian fund development organization in North America. More information

Remote Desktop Security ($600 to $1400)

The sudden shift to online learning has created tremendous security vulnerabilities for Christian schools, who are relying on their teachers to have proper security measures on their home machines. Obviously, this is often not the case. By moving to a secure VPN, school systems cannot be hacked, regardless of the lack of security on the home machines of your teachers. More information
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