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A Spiritual War - An Open Letter to Christian Leaders

Dear Christian School Leader,

“So be careful how you live. Don’t live like fools, but like those who are wise.

Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days.” Eph. 5:16,17.

COVID-19 is a Spiritual Attack For some time, Christian leader and author John Eldredge has been clear that a spirit of death has been released upon the earth. In the natural, this scheme from the pit of hell is a spirit of endings – the end of our institutions, our ideals and vision, our Republic, our economy, our hopes and dreams, and the end our very lives. Without Jesus, our inclination will be to give in and give up. We must not! For God has raised us up for such a time as this (Esther 4:14). Recession: The Real Challenge of COVID 19 for Christian Schools In the Great Recession, private schools lost one-third of their students, a finding confirmed by a 2013 US Census Bureau study. Just two years after writing Marketing Christian Schools: The Definitive Guide, we prayed and worked it through with our heroic clients. Clients who refused decline, clients who refused to be average. And about 75% of our clients grew in income and/or total revenue. Our entire comprehensive approach to maximum tuition and fund development revenue was born in those years. Now many economists are predicting an economic downturn worse than the Great Recession. The Key Lesson We Learned from the Last Recession Here’s what our clients learned through the Great Recession: Whether you survive, grow, and thrive is largely up to you and me. We grew schools in areas (e.g. San Francisco) where nobody was growing. We prayed it through. We worked it through. Leaders: The Future Is Ours To Make Now more than ever, it’s what you do, not what’s going on around you. Period. Full stop. It’s up to us. We can act heroically, embrace the change demanded by our current crisis, and make it work. Or we can quietly slip away, letting the enemy win, with a “honorable” excuse for exit. In short, we can choose to be heroic, or we can choose to become a casualty of a historical tragedy. Now is God’s time. In all these things, we are more than conquerors! (Romans 8:37) It Starts with YOU. At stake is the hearts, minds, and eternal destinies of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of young people who need your school more than ever. They have the potential for greatness. Our world needs them to be Heroes. But right now, dear Christian school leader, you first. Our present and future students need YOU to be the hero. If this is your conviction, we want to partner with you! Call me at (719)278-9600, ext. 100. Persevering Through Jesus, Dan Krause President, GraceWorks Ministries Since 2000
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