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Heroes Pride is the foundation for all of GraceWorks’ unique solutions for secondary and elementary schools in our current crisis. For $29 a month, you receive: 3 recorded video briefings per week with practical strategies & tactics Access to key tools in enrollment / marketing / fundraising Results of ongoing Christian schools surveys Results of ongoing Christian school parent surveys Access to all other COVID-19 Solutions We will spend 12-15 hours per week investigating the best research available on the impact of the coronavirus on Christian schools, including the all-important issue of the narrative stories that Christian school parents are now forming. These narratives will determine, to a large degree, their spending decisions, including their re- enrollment status. All of this research is through the success grids we developed in the last recession, true to God’s word. These are insights you simply will not learn anywhere else. For example, did you know that the more concerned parents are about coronavirus, the more concerned they are that inflation will return? No credible economist is predicting that, in-spite of the massive size of the economic bail-out. But some of your parents are already including that in their calculus of what a future with your school might look like. Sign-up for Heroes Pride risk-free (you can cancel at any time):
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Become a Memeber of Heroes Pride Today - Christian Schools Defying National Crisis Become a Memeber of Heroes Pride Today - Christian Schools Defying National Crisis