COVID-19 Parent Survey

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GraceWorks’ COVID-19 Survey provides immediate answers (10-14 days) on some of the most difficult questions your school faces in a fall return to school:

  1. What safety measures do parents agree upon for classroom instruction?
  2. What safety measures do parents not agree on for a return to classroom instruction?
  3. Are items in (1) and (2) so important that parents will not come back?
  4. Will parents stay with you if you are forced into online instruction? (Do they expect some sort of discounted rate?)
  5. In an online learning situation, are your parents banding together into “Learning Pods”?
  6. Who among your parents might be able to host and/or teach a pod? (And would they expect to be paid.
  7. How does your online learning program compare to public schools? (Hopefully most parents will answer much better ….)
  8. Who’s serious about homeschooling?
  9. What is your teacher’s concerns about return to school? Online learning? (And how can you best support them?)
  10. Compared to the 750+ Christian school survey responses in our database, how satisfied and willing to refer are your parents. (To what degree will they stay with you during this storm?)

While all confidentiality requests are honored, we give you names of all the individuals above. Parents who could help, or participate in learning pods. Parents who are wavering. The satisfaction level of parents who are ready to walk if things don’t go their way. Plus normed data for the most important program elements in Christian schools, based on the responses of over 115,000 people.

Compared to our normal Parent Satisfaction and Referral Survey, the COVID-19 Parent Survey is hundreds less.

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