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Capital Campaigns

Healthy Capital Campaigns

“We could do so much more if we only had a ______ facility.” Fill in the blank with a “large-ticket item” or “new facility.” Have you heard this refrain? If so, it is probably time for a new Capital Campaign. It is true. God’s work often requires new buildings and equipment. We believe He will supply them. What is a Capital Campaign? Capital campaigns are all about new or upgraded facilities. Big ticket — often permanent facilities-level expenditures. New classrooms, a new gymnasium, upgraded technology and equipment, or maybe an entirely new school campus! A capital campaign is the coordinated, strategic appeal that asks the right prospect for the right gift (usually a larger one) by the right solicitor at the right time and in the right way. Properly conducted, a capital campaign can give your school an exciting, fresh wind that invigorates every aspect of your mission. Poorly conducted, a capital campaign produces the opposite effect and demoralizes the people connected with it.


Consistent with our ministry values, all of GraceWorks' Capital Campaign work focuses on leaving you a healthier organization in a relatively short time period. Besides achieving your goal, a Capital Campaign is a perfect opportunity to give your Christian school a powerful health boost: More volunteerism Stronger leadership — volunteer and staff More engaged Board More committed and aligned staff More defined ministry ethos Larger annual fund results Using the combined experience of over 550 capital campaigns and half a billion dollars raised, GraceWorks campaign specialists will achieve these results in an intense, efficient, and affordable process that can be completed in as little as 4 months.

Why Complete Your School's Capital Campaign Quickly?

Here are five good reasons: 1. More Affordable — GraceWorks fees are typically a fraction of those conducted with for-profit groups that drag out campaigns for 18 months or more. 2. Stronger Volunteers — who have something left to give to your school after only a four month effort. 3. Focus Attention to Other School Priorities — such as improving your program, or enrolling more students. 4. The "Big Mo" — Volunteer enthusiasm (motivation) is much, much easier to maintain over just four months compared to 18 months or more in typical campaigns. 5. Build Faster — Many schools need new facilities right away for marketing reasons. Many impatient parents won't wait for years.

Healthy Capital Campaigns: The GraceWorks' Difference

Thoroughly Biblical Approach — where donors give cheerfully, not under compulsion (2 Corinthians 9:7). Custom, copyrighted development strategy — our process begins with a pre-campaign feasibility and support study that identifies up to 50% of your major gifts before the campaign actually begins. This copyrighted method not only assesses your top donors and prospective donors to determine not only their ability to give to a campaign, but their likelihood of so doing. We call this assessment a Feasibility and Campaign Support Study. The Feasibility and Campaign Support Study is so important, we believe that even preliminary fundraising for land, buildings, renovations or major equipment should not be started before the Study is completed. Complete School Health Survey — Before you ask supporters for money, you need to know if the school is healthy from all perspectives: academically, enrollment-wise, financially, and administratively. As part of the Feasibility and Campaign Support Study, your school completes the Parent Satisfaction and Referral Survey (PSRS) that o Identifies volunteers willing to help on the campaign o Provides authentic testimonials for use in the campaign o Lists what your parents think are your school’s most urgent needs o Summarizes ways to improve your parent satisfaction scores Along with the PSRS, the campaign’s process fundamentally improves your school. Not only do you obtain much-needed funds, you have more satisfied parents! More satisfied parents translate into increased enrollments and, ultimately, greater capital campaign participation. Solid Leadership / Major Gifts — flow seamlessly from a thorough Pre-Campaign Support Study. We focus on real, identified prospects — not "pie-in-the-sky" or “maybe” prospects. Personalized, on-site stewardship — your consultant is the same person who interviews donors for the Pre- campaign Support Study. No surprises! On-site training and interviews — your consultant personally trains your staff, on-site, as needed. Accompanied Donor visits — your consultant accompanies you (or your most-appropriate team member) when you speak with major donors. This results in a higher donor-participation rate and assures that you do not “leave money on the table.” Continued support — our campaign process uses a proven method to ensure that donors who contribute to the capital campaign also contribute to the ongoing operations (Annual Fund) while the campaign is underway. Details, Details — GraceWorks' non-profit rates mean you can afford to let us handle the details. Everything from the calendar to the volunteer notebooks is meticulously tailored to you. No "cookie-cutter" work! We take the time to get to know the specifics of your situation, in-depth, and provide a custom solution. Technology — along with on-line project management of your entire campaign you receive an electronic database of your Pre-Campaign Study results — the same database your campaign consultant shares. World Class Materials — detailed volunteer manuals and thorough training for success — all provided by GraceWorks. You'll never have to guess about the process or the next step. Fully Guaranteed — if you do what we ask you to do, we will fully guarantee our consulting services.

Capital Campaign: The Next Step

Fundraising is a profound ministry that changes hearts for a lifetime. It allows donors to bless your school, make a lasting contribution, and direct their money from the world to the Kingdom of God. Jesus said: For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matt. 6:21). Notice the order — how we use our treasure changes our heart. No one should give under compulsion (2 Corinthians 9) but rather each donor should give joyfully and freely. For those reasons, the first step toward your Capital Campaign is the Feasibility and Campaign Support Study.
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