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Almost every Christian school has a school board. The effectiveness of that board is one of the most powerful keys to the school’s success. A board that is able to plan, think through issues, and relate well with the school administration and parents, will be an effective board. Problems in any of these areas can make it very difficult for the board to function. And when that happens it can be very difficult to minister effectively to your students and their families. What is needed is a source you can go to for answers and ways to effectively improve your ministry, address your needs, and plan for the future. We can help you with this. Among the services that we provide are: Board training weekends designed around your specific needs Board governance resources (published materials which address governance issues) “The Five Models for Board Governance” workshops for schools in transition Individually tailored board consulting to address specific situations Leadership coaching For schools desiring to develop a long-range and strategic plan, we can provide a step-by-step process to walk you through the formation of your mission and vision. Then we will show you how you can reach your vision and carry out your mission through a practical, “where the rubber meets the road”, strategic plan.  After that, we will follow-up with regular consulting calls to assist you in following your plan. When it's time to think through difficult situations or complicated issues, our consultants can provide you with advice based on years of experience in the field (one of our consultants has nearly 50 years as a Christian school administrator). We can help you understand, diagnose and correct problems your school is facing. And, perhaps the greatest benefit to this is having someone with deep experience, who is from outside your school, give you a fresh unbiased point of view, along with fresh ideas to help you make needed changes. Positive relationships between school leaders are all important. Boards and administrators who are able to work together effectively can be a strong force for school improvement. Unfortunately, most schools that are struggling have, to some degree, dysfunctional relationships. This does not need to be. Following practical principles for good governance can greatly improve these. However, everyone needs to be on the same page. Our board training workshops are designed to teach you these powerful principles, and to help everyone know his or her effective part in leading your school. The workshops take you through models of governance, principles of operation, patterns of communication that work, and how to ease stress points within the school leadership as new situations or needs arise. In today's world of Christian schools, many schools go through transition. Transition planning can be crucial to your school not only surviving but thriving for Christ. In addition to our BEST program for healthy schools, we also have specific training for schools in specific kinds of transition. The “Five Models for School Governance” workshops help schools that may be changing from denominational or church schools to independent schools, or schools that are looking to form a more effective governing plan. Schools, which have already evaluated themselves and see a need for a better form of governance, will benefit from these workshops as well. The governance workshops address each of the five major common school organizational types, provide pros and cons for each of them, and address your current school situation and describe how each might fit your school. If you identify one of the organizational types for your future governance, we will help you transition to that model and follow-up with regular consulting to fine-tune it for your needs. Often, in today's Christian schools, the school administrator is often relatively inexperienced. He or she may have been appointed after a few years of teaching and is learning ”on the job”. This can be not only difficult but overwhelming at times. Having an experienced administrator mentor for this administrator can provide high- quality guidance, assistance in planning, and can help avoid critical mistakes as situations come up. GraceWorks can provide mentoring plans to help your school administrator improve their practice. We will set up biweekly or monthly consulting calls, as well as providing resources to address specific questions and needs which they may have. Our goal is to help Christian schools develop healthy leadership and effective outreach for the kingdom in your communities. During our free introductory consultation we will talk to you about your school's needs, goals and aspirations. We can provide options and help you decide which of our services may best benefit you and help you toward reaching those goals. For a free, no-obligation consultation, please call (719) 278-9600, ext.400.
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