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Wayne P. Baker

CFO / Senior Consultant — Organizational Health &

Board - Staff Development / Healthy Finance / BEST


Wayne Baker has been involved with Christian school ministries for more than 48 years. He has been a Christian school administrator for 45 of those years, serving in 6 different schools, throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Of those schools 5 were affiliated with churches; one (the last one, where he served 12 years) was independent. He has led two of those schools through regional accreditation. Mr. Baker’s activities prior to coming the Christian school movement included teaching on the college level (Music) and editing a prominent church Hymnal, Living Hymns. Throughout the years, Wayne and his wife, Barbara, have had an ongoing music ministry, traveling extensively both in and out the country. In addition to serving as school administrator, Mr. Baker has served in a number of other roles in the Christian school community. He is a frequent convention speaker and presenter, has served as a board member with three Christian school associations, and served both as President and Vice President of the Mid Atlantic Christian Schools Association. For 8 years he also represented the Christian school movement as a member of the Blue Ribbon Schools panel for the US Department of Education. Mr. Baker has been a consultant for more than 40 years, helping Christian schools in planning, transition, with financial and management advice, and helping start several Christian school. He has assisted several schools as they have transitioned from church affiliated schools to independent Christian schools. He was recently cited for his work in school governance.